“Let’s Dance”: Knossi belly free and with a lot of feeling

“Let’s Dance”: Knossi belly free and with a lot of feeling

“Let’s Dance”
Knossi belly free and with a lot of feeling

Unusual week at "let's dance": How do the celebrities get along with their new dance partners?

Unusual week on “Let’s Dance”: How do the celebrities cope with their new dance partners?

© Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

This week something is different in “Let’s Dance”. People dance with new partners and no one is kicked out of the show.

let’s dance“(also on RTL+) had a few surprises ready on Friday evening. For the first time on the RTL show, the dance partners were changed. In addition, this time no celebrity had to dance to get ahead, but for a bonus point, which in the next week one could play a decisive role. Who was best able to adapt to the new situation and who danced with whom?

Philipp Boy puts hot samba on the floor

There was a successful partner exchange Philip Boy (35). The former professional gymnast convinced in the last shows with his dance partner Patricija Ionel (28). But the 35-year-old also put a hot samba on the floor with Christina Luft (33). “I hope Ricky Martin was on stage a bit,” said Philipp Boy about his dance mission.

“Technically, you’re one of the best here,” were words of praise from Joachim Llambi (58), but the strict juror also had criticism ready: “You have to take even more risks”. Nonetheless, the dance pro was delighted with Boy’s solid dance performance. And what did the professional dancers have in common? “Both are sweet and strict,” Phillip Boy directly invented a new neologism for his teachers. There were 30 points for the gymnast last week, in this episode he was able to clear 25 points.

“This is the Bachelor 2024”

It got romantic with Ali Gungörmüs (46), Patricija Ionel and her slow waltz. The new dance partner tried to tease emotions out of the star chef. “I have a strong personality, but also a soft heart,” Güngörmüs tried to get involved. The feelings were evidently received by the specialist jury.

“This is the Bachelor 2024,” said jury member Llambi after the appearance of the celebrity boss. “The coat hanger came into the shoulder,” Llambi criticized Güngörmüs’ attitude at the same time. “You were like a gentleman,” Jorge Gonzalez (55) judged the performance, but Llambi’s criticism could be the dazzling juror and also Motsi Mabuse (41) understand. The jury awarded 19 points.

Ole! Handball player Mimi Kraus (39) had to show his hot-blooded side in a Paso Doble with his new dance teacher Ekaterina Leonova (35). “It was incredibly intense,” judge Mabuse felt the passion. Llambi also found it a beautiful flamenco variation. Mimi Kraus was able to dance a total of 22 points.

“Zolti is also a sweet boy,” said Chryssanthi Kavazi (34) about her new dance partner Zsolt Sándor. Together, the two practiced diligently on their rumba. “You were very feminine, I felt it,” said Jorge Gonzalez, who was equipped with a huge black mushroom-shaped hat. Llambi complained that Kavazi often started a little too early and got six points, resulting in a total of 21 points.

Sharone Battiste becomes the evening’s big winner

Sharon Battiste (31) had to dance with Renata Lusin (35) at times during training because her new partner Valentin Lusin (36) was out due to illness. But in the live show, both came together again. Sharon Battiste once again impressed with her mobility during her rumba. The jury was completely enthusiastic about this dance. “A highlight. That was a favorite dance,” summarized Motsi Mabuse the performance. “It goes down in the history of ‘Let’s Dance’,” Jorge Gonzalez was sure. With 30 points, the two were the clear winners of the evening.

Swapping partners presented Julia Beautx (23) with a great challenge. Nevertheless, she mastered her waltz with Vadim Garbuzov (35) extremely elegantly. The two wanted to portray a “toxic relationship” on stage. That went down well with the jury. “You’re fast on your feet, you’re agile,” recognized Llambi. The influencer was able to dance 24 points.

“Mr. Llambi always says it has to be right underneath and it was a bomb underneath,” said Motsi Mabuse, pleased about Timon Krause’s (28) considerable footwork in his jive with Isabel Edvardsson (40). “It didn’t catch me,” however, the spark did not jump over to Joachim Llambi. Not so with Jorge Gonzalez, who found Timon Krause’s style very appealing. Timon received a passable 24 points for this.

Knossi overcomes its limits

If there is a dance that doesn’t seem to be suitable for Knossi (36), then it’s probably contemporary, but that’s exactly what the internet star with Mariia Maksina expected. “These are exactly these movements where it says ‘leave it’,” Knossi feared in advance, but still wanted to jump over his shadow. Dressed all in black and partly bare midriff, he let his emotions run free. “You have so much heart, passion and energy,” Motsi Mabuse was blown away and even Joachim Llambi got these feelings. This gave the 36-year-old 24 points.

“I’m a grandma,” Anna Ermakova (23) described herself after her training session with Christian Polanc. But the movements of the Becker daughter in her samba looked anything but stiff. “There’s no wobbling and you let go and gave everything,” Motsi Mabuse acknowledged the 23-year-old’s performance. “I thought I was in Rio,” agreed Jorge Gonzalez. Since Llambi only got nine points, Anna Ermakova got a total of 29 points.


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