“Let’s Dance”: Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova gets a bonus point

“Let’s Dance”: Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova gets a bonus point

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Only a dancing couple was better: Becker’s daughter Anna Ermakova gets a “Let’s Dance” bonus point

Model Anna Ermakova has them "let's dance"-Jury enthusiastic again.  Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

Model Anna Ermakova once again delighted the “Let’s Dance” jury. photo

© Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

Show six brought a big change for the celebrities on “Let’s Dance”. Although nobody had to worry about their place in the dance show that evening, it remained exciting.

Anna Ermakova has performed with her samba at “let’s dance“Danced the bonus point. For show six of the 16th season, all dance couples were separated from each other and remixed for the first time. Nobody was eliminated from the RTL dance show on Friday evening.

The daughter of tennis legend Boris Becker, in the evening with professional dancers Christian Polanc instead of dancing with her previous dance partner Valentin Lusin, the jury was once again able to inspire.

“I thought I was in Rio,” enthused judge Jorge González after Ermakova’s samba. You notice that Ermakova enjoy the dance, said González. “You do everything with a naturalness.” The 23-year-old received 29 points for her, according to juror Joachim Llambi, “very difficult dance”.

“Let’s Dance” juror Mabuse: “That touched my heart”

She was one point behind actress Sharon Battiste, 31, who danced a soulful rumba – that evening alongside Valentin Lusin instead of her usual partner Christian Polanc – was able to get the full number of points. “That really touched my heart,” said judge Motsi Mabuse.

“More is simply not possible,” said Llambi. After the calls from viewers, the bonus point went to Ermakova anyway. The extra point will then be added to your score by the jury in the next show.

These 14 celebrities compete in Let's Dance

Twitch star Jens “Knossi” Knossalla had to give up training with his previous partner Isabel Edvardsson this week and instead practice his contemporary with the professional dancer Mariia Maksina, who was newly assigned to him. He didn’t want it to look funny on him, said the 36-year-old before his performance, during which he was supposed to slide barefoot across the floor.

Instead, however, he made the jury go into raptures with his very emotional interlude. “You have so much heart,” praised Mabuse. “That was the Knossi dance”. “If you hadn’t done a little vintage or mashed potatoes in the contemporary now and then, it would have been even more delicate,” remarked Llambi. But he also acknowledged that the entertainer had “left his heart on this surface”.

That awaits the candidates in show seven

Knossalla received 24 points from the jury, sharing fourth place with actress Julia Beautx, 23, and mentalist Timon Krause, 28. Ex-professional gymnast Philipp Boy, 35, scored 25 points with Christina Luft. Star chef Ali Güngörmüş came last. According to the jury, the 46-year-old had improved, but with 19 points he was at the bottom.

In show seven after the Easter break, all celebrities should dance with their original partners again. And then two couples will even have to say goodbye to the show, as the moderators announced.


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