Lennart Borchert: The actor had testicular cancer

Lennart Borchert
The actor had testicular cancer

Lennart Borchert was struggling with cancer.

Lennart Borchert was struggling with cancer.

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“GZSZ” actor Lennart Borchert had to fight testicular cancer in 2020. Now he is talking about his illness.

Lennart Borchert (23) has embodied the character Moritz Bode in the series “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” since 2020. But at the same time the actor went through a personal crisis, like him now in the RTL interview said: “That was the worst year of my life.” When he received the “GZSZ” approval, he received a bad diagnosis on the same day. A testicular tumor was found in the then 20-year-old. A little later it also turned out: He is malicious.

Lennart Borchert had to undergo chemotherapy

When he felt a lump for the first time, Borchert thought: “Oh, that’ll go away. It’s just a knot.” But his partner at the time urged him to go to the doctor. Three days after the diagnosis, an operation was performed and the testicle was removed. “The bad thing was that it was only then that the diagnosis came that it was a malignant tumor,” explained the “GZSZ” star. He then had to undergo five days of chemotherapy in the hospital. A precautionary measure in case the cancer had already spread.

“When I said I was doing chemotherapy, I came into the hospital room and saw it and said, ‘No, I can’t do it. Five days here? I can’t do it.'” He then collapsed and cried, remembered the now 23-year-old retreats. Due to the corona pandemic, neither friends nor family were able to visit him in the hospital. “That’s a time when you just cry every day.” Even without his physical presence, his loved ones would have supported him.

Actor campaigns for cancer prevention

The actor then struggled with hair loss. Actually he wanted the “GZSZ“The team didn’t tell anything about his cancer, but then he “called the executive floor and said: Hey, I have to confess something to you.” That was a shock for everyone, “but of course everyone understood it.” He shaved his hair off and put on a wig for his role.

Today the actor feels good, has had a silicone replacement since the operation. But he would like to draw attention to the topic of cancer prevention. “Let yourself be examined, let yourself be checked! No matter what, go to the doctor. It’s not embarrassing at all,” he appealed.


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