Lena Gercke talks about her life with two small children

Lena Gercke talks about her life with two small children

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“It’s a stress test”: Lena Gercke speaks honestly about her family life

Lena Gercke talks about her life with two children

Model Lena Gercke

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Model Lena Gercke is the mother of two small daughters. In an interview, the 35-year-old revealed how her life and her relationship with boyfriend Dustin Schöne have changed since then.

Model Lena Gercke has been twice since the end of last year Mother. Her daughter Lia was born in December 2022, two and a half years earlier the 35-year-old gave birth to her first daughter Zoe. Her children’s father is the commercial film director Dustin Schöne, with whom Gercke has been officially in a relationship since 2019. The whole family lives together in Berlin.

Since the birth of her second child, “everything” has changed in her life, she said Gercke now in an interview with the magazine “Gala”. This also applies to the relationship with her partner Dustin Schöne. “It’s a stress test, you reach your personal limits. That does something to you and to the relationship. Either you become a good team – or the relationship fails. I’m very happy that we’ve become a damn good team.” The most important thing is “not to put everything on the gold scales and not to constantly measure who does the most for whom. Communication is the be-all and end-all here,” says Gercke.

Lovely and they would take turns looking after the children and also try to give each other freedom. They also receive support from a nanny and grandparents. “That helps a lot,” admitted Gercke. The only thing that nobody can spare her is the lack of sleep. In order to look after her younger daughter, she currently gets up very early, “usually between three and six o’clock”.

Lena Gercke does not rule out more children

In addition, it was not easy for her two-year-old daughter Zoe to accept her younger sister at first. “Having a sibling isn’t easy for every child. It was hard for Zoe at first, and that means it was hard for us as parents too. It took us a lot of time and a lot of patience and love. Now they’re approaching both sisters more and more, and the love grows every day.”

Gercke does not rule out further offspring. When asked if she could also imagine being a mother to a son, she replied: “Why not? Maybe someday we’ll have one. I leave everything open. I generally like to let things come to me.”

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