Left activists impose their views on society

Woke should actually be a good thing. According to Duden, the term means that you are politically awake and committed to fighting racist, sexist and social discrimination. But the reality is very different. Activists from the left-wing spectrum in particular claim to be woke; at the gendersin the climate protests, in gender and identity politics.

The activists define who is on the right side, which is them, and who is on the wrong side. Namely everyone who has a different opinion. Anyone who resists what is supposed to be right or expresses doubts is silenced by being branded as backward and placed in the right-wing corner: the old white man with his bourgeois attitudes – whereby bourgeois in the eyes of the activists means racist, homophobic and transphobic is.

This approach is as simple and at the same time actually anti-woke, since it is deeply discriminatory, as successful it is. A radical and vocal minority is changing society and drawing its own lines of the sayable and politically correct. Universities cancel lectures, keyword cancel culture. Gendering is moving into the media and institutions. Streets are renamed, children’s books are considered racist.

There are language bans

The status of the family is crumbling, middle-class and conservatism are falling into disrepute: these are the philistines in their single-family homes, where the woman stands at the stove, the man is afraid of gay people in particular, people still talk about the Negro kiss and don’t want to understand why the Mohrenapotheke is to be given a different name and reads Winnetou to his children when they go to sleep.

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