Lauberhorn race in Wengen: wild dogs

NEbel out, sun in, advertises the poster in downtown Frankfurt for the Swiss ski resort of Wengen. Anyone who was there these days experienced the sun out and fog in, but above all snow out, green and brown in. It is hard to imagine that one of the most spectacular ski races on the World Cup calendar will take place this weekend. Will happen as it looks like. Despite the most adverse conditions, the mountain and piste professionals have actually conjured up a racing piste in the mountain, which has already shown during the European Cup races in the week before last that it holds up. Of course only up to half and in the Super-G, the entire length is only taken under the skis in the downhill race.

Holger Apple

Editor in business, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

It’s tough, the Lauberhorn race is the longest in the competition and together with the stripes in Kitzbühel the race with the greatest spectacle factor. The race track is 4,480 meters long, the frantic ride takes around two and a half minutes, and we just practice it together in the living room, just standing still and without G-forces: two and a half minutes in a downhill crouch. Are your thighs already burning? Anyone who has taken the route on the Lauberhorn under their own skis as quickly as possible as a tourist will experience the steep slope, feel the pressure, drive on the train until their legs no longer want to, brake after the almost vertical descent on the target slope on icy ground on the last groove with trembling knees and asks himself at more than one point: How can you just go down there in one shot?

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