Laschet accuses Söder of a lack of style

Laschet accuses Söder of a lack of style

Markus Söder and Armin Laschet in Munich in May
Image: dpa

If Anton Hofreiter supports Ukraine, he believes him, says Armin Laschet. Markus Söder had demanded that the Greens need a “proper haircut” before believing his commitment to the Bundeswehr.

EThe CDU and CSU had invoked a new unity at the party conference in Hanover at the weekend – but shortly afterwards they were teasing each other again on Twitter. The reason: of all things, the long hairstyle of the Green politician Anton Hofreiter.

CSU boss Markus Soder had joked in his speech at the meeting that he only considered Hofreiter’s commitment to the Bundeswehr to be credible if he got a “proper, military haircut”.

Promptly countered Armin Laschet, former candidate for Chancellor of the Union and today a simple CDU member of the Bundestag, on Twitter: “We are experiencing a terrible war in Europe. A turning point means looking for common ground across party lines. If @ToniHofreiter criticizes the government and stands up for Ukraine, I’ll believe him, even without a ‘proper, military haircut’.” The hashtag is piquant: #style.

Quite a few in the CDU give Söder some responsibility for the failure of the Union in the federal election because of his ongoing taunts against Laschet in the 2021 election campaign.

The person concerned, the Greens member of the Bundestag court rider, responded curtly. “I think Mr. Laschet said everything that makes sense,” Hofreiter told the editorial network Germany.

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