Lars Windhorst denies alleged collusion

IInvestor Lars Windhorst joins the power struggle Hertha BSC another chapter. The 45-year-old denied via Twitter that he had promised not to comment on the situation of Berliners threatened with relegation until May. The claim that he had done this at a meeting with managing director Fredi Bobic was fabricated and a lie. “I can and would never give such a promise. Because I am for transparency, openness and against backrooms, ”wrote the entrepreneur on Wednesday.

On Sunday, Windhorst called on the club members to vote out the current management team around Hertha President at their meeting in May Werner Gegenbauer to apply. It was no longer possible “to achieve something together as a team under the leadership of Mr. Gegenbauer,” Windhorst told TV broadcaster Bild on Sunday, opening the power struggle.

Gegenbauer himself had the question of power on Sunday windhorst noted and said cautiously: “Our club can only take note of these statements by Mr. Windhorst at the moment,” wrote the 71-year-old. Gegenbauer also said that the club would no longer comment during the relegation battle: “In this difficult sporting situation, we promised the coach and the team not to discuss these things in public in the coming crucial weeks.”

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