Labor Day: Protests on the evening of May 1 are largely peaceful

Labor Day
Protests on the evening of May Day are largely peaceful

May 1st in Hamburg

Participants in the demonstration under the motto “Forbidden good – anarchism on the offensive – anarchist May 1st” in Hamburg. Photo: Jonas Walzberg/dpa

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Left-wing groups marched through the inner cities of Hamburg and Berlin on May 1st. The police show a great presence. At first it remains peaceful, but in the evening there are attacks on police officers in Berlin.

Thousands of people took part in May Day protests by left-wing groups in German cities. In Berlin There was a special focus on the “Revolutionary May Day” demonstration, which led from Neukölln to Kreuzberg.

the police spoke of around 14,000 participants on Sunday evening. There were no major riots, but there were isolated scuffles between demonstrators and the police. In the middle of the train was a large black block from the autonomous scene with several hundred people. Left and radical left groups had called for the protest.

A large contingent of police accompanied the march. A total of almost 6,000 police officers were on duty in the capital on May 1st. The elevator was largely peaceful, said Berlin’s police chief Barbara Slowik.

Demonstration “much more peaceful”

As a reporter from the German Press Agency observed, in addition to scuffles, there were also bottles and firecrackers thrown at police officers. Bengal fires could also be seen. The emergency services used tear gas. Nevertheless, a police spokeswoman said that the demonstration as a whole was “much more peaceful” than in previous years until shortly before 10 p.m. There had been some arrests, how many, but it was initially not clear. In the past decades it was repeatedly closed on the sidelines of May Day demonstrations in Berlin riots came.

At the protest in the evening in Neukoelln and Kreuzberg, Palestinian groups also participated. The police had expected this after fears of anti-Semitic incidents had banned a demonstration by Palestinian initiatives planned for Friday, as well as alternative events. Many people waved Palestine flags, others chanted “Free Palestine”. Sharp criticism of Israel’s policies was expressed in several speeches. The Jewish Forum announced on Twitter that it would monitor the demo and document anti-Semitic incidents. Some banners and demands could be understood as a “call for the violent annihilation of the State of Israel,” the forum later tweeted.

During the course of the day there were several protests and demonstrations in Berlin. These passed peacefully. Around 10,000 cyclists rode through the affluent Grunewald in the west of the city, demonstrating for the redistribution of wealth. The satirical demonstration was held under the motto “Cripple Grunewald even more”. A poster said “Fair rent instead of profits”.

In Hamburg, similar demonstrations also remained largely calm. According to the police, well over 4,000 people took part in three meetings on Sunday. The police were in action with strong forces, water cannons and the cavalry squadron were also ready.


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