Kyrgios cancellation for the Australian Open: “I’m devastated” – Sport

Kyrgios cancellation for the Australian Open: “I’m devastated” – Sport

Press conferences at the Australian Open and in general tennis are always announced in advance, the reporters should have enough time to be on the spot in time. Press conferences summoned in a rush are therefore an indication that something extraordinary is about to be announced as soon as they are announced, and if the announcement is then formulated in capital letters, the reporters’ steps speed up even more.

NICK KYRGIOS ON WAY TO MAIN ROOM NOW”, it said at 3.50 p.m. this Monday, the first tournament day of the Grand Slam event in Melbourne, it was already clear then: The Australian should announce his retirement right away, what else should he say? That he thinks the new Netflix series “Break Point”, a documentary about the tour last year, in which he plays a major role, is great? Training match with Novak Djokovic, which he played in the Rod Laver Arena on Friday, was sold out in just 58 minutes?Has he constantly emphasized.Shortly afterwards he confirmed what was feared: “It’s brutal and just bad timing,” said Kyrgios: “I’m devastated. It’s my home Grand Slam.” However, a knee injury forced him to do without this.

Kyrgios had brought along his physiotherapist, Will Maher, who tried to explain everything medically well. A cyst that developed as a result of a small tear in the meniscus made it impossible for the 27-year-old to start, Maher reported, but also emphasized that the injury was not so bad that his career was in jeopardy. Kyrgios himself assured that he wanted to wait until the last moment, but the throbbing in his knee just hadn’t gone away. He sounded disappointed, yes, but also realistic and clear. He is sure that he will come back and play the tennis that he showed in 2022 in particular. He didn’t lament.

Kyrgios recently mobbed former professional Noah Rubin on Twitter, then he collected money for a foundation

The absence of Kyrgios is at least as painful for the Australian Open, and the past week alone has again confirmed how much attention and interest this idiosyncratic and highly talented player can generate. He caused more headlines than many other colleagues do in one season. On Twitter, Kyrgios mobbed former tennis pro Noah Rubin for making some critical and quite intelligent comments about the Netflix series.

Like a PR spokesman, he then repeatedly paid homage to Djokovic for his achievements and nature. He used to attack the Serbs himself. Djokovic was obsessed with getting recognition, he had scoffed years ago. At some point Kyrgios apparently realized that they are more alike than he thought, and when Djokovic had to leave the Australian Open and the continent by court order right before the tournament started last year because he was not (and still is not) vaccinated against Corona and had not met the entry requirements applicable at the time, Kyrgios jumped in and scolded his homeland with hearty words. He’s good at handing out.

What was remarkable, however, was how Kyrgios discovered the seriousness of being a professional on the pitch in 2022. In fact, for the first time in his already successful career, he tried to push himself to the limit in sport. He was almost rewarded with the Wimbledon triumph, it was Djokovic who then stopped him in the final, and in the All England Club the loser also gave the Serb a series of compliments. When bromance is referred to their relationship since; the term is made up of the English words brother and romance.

Kyrgios likes to celebrate himself for deeds. It’s annoying sometimes – but you’re right

One can be disturbed by the constant self-adulation of Kyrgios, who rarely misses an opportunity to point out his own merits. It was he, for example, who organized a lot of money, namely around 300,000 Australian dollars, for the foundation of the Australian association with the training match against Djokovic. Tickets for Friday’s game cost $20, and the 15,000 tickets were gone within an hour.

Kyrgios also likes to celebrate himself for enjoying the biggest following on social media – apart from the greats Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and the defunct Roger Federer. This too can be found complacent. But he’s right about that. He appeals to young people in particular and has brought tennis to a whole new level. The fact that he likes to polarize and often polarizes, sometimes obviously out of defiance, is forgiven, especially when he once again demonstrates his incredibly great tennis talent on the court.

Just a few days ago, Kyrgios announced that he wanted to end his career immediately if he one day won a Grand Slam tournament: “100 percent” he would then resign. Tennis is not everything for him. At least on this Monday, that was the good news: Kyrgios isn’t stopping yet. Somehow this surprising end at the Australian Open fits his path. Other people are responsible for expected things.

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