Kyiv accuses Russians of systematic looting

Ukrainian soldiers inspect a classroom at a school used by Russian forces in recently recaptured Izyum.
Image: dpa

Mobile phone masts, oil paintings, furniture: in the Cherson region in particular, the occupiers are supposed to swipe whatever they can take away. At the front, the troops are engaged in intense trench warfare. The overview.

AThe general staff reported from the region around the southern Ukrainian city of Cherson Kyiv the continued organized looting by Russian soldiers. The day before, convoys with stolen household appliances and building materials had been observed. At the same time, the dismantling of mobile phone masts and other telecommunications systems will continue. Furthermore, “all art objects and even the furniture” were taken from the regional museum of the Soviet-Ukrainian painter Oleksiy Shovkunenko by the occupiers. The information provided by both warring parties often cannot be verified independently.

Despite intense fighting in Ukraine’s war zones, the situation remains the same, according to the President Volodymyr Zelenskyy static. There is currently less news from the combat zones, said Selenskyj in his daily video address on Tuesday evening. “But that doesn’t mean that the intensity of the fighting has decreased.” The situation is “continued to be difficult”.

“Fierce Position Battles”

“Fierce battles for positions are still going on in some areas,” said Zelenskyy. “And as before, it is particularly difficult in the Donetsk region.” The order to the Russian troops to advance to the borders of the administrative region still applies. But, according to Zelenskyj: “We are not giving up a single centimeter of our country there.”

Away from the combat zones, intensive work is being done to normalize life in the liberated areas, Zelenskyj said. This applies above all to restoring the gas and electricity supply, for example in the Kharkiv area. And to help the population get through the upcoming winter period, the government has exempted imports of energy supply equipment – such as generators and transformers – from import duties.

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