King Charles III wants to pay a bonus to low-income earners at the farm

British Royalty
King Charles III wants to pay low earners at the farm a bonus out of his own pocket

King Charles III

King Charles III does not leave its employees out in the rain.

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Court servants of King Charles III. with a particularly low salary suffer greatly from the economic situation in Great Britain. The monarch would therefore like to pay “hundreds” a one-off bonus of up to £600 – out of his own pocket.

The economic situation in Great Britain does not look good. Costs are rising while wages are stagnating. Unsurprisingly, those who have little money at their disposal are particularly hard hit. This apparently also includes “hundreds” of people who work for the British royal family. The “Sun” now reports that King Charles III is planning a one-time special payment of up to 600 pounds sterling, the equivalent of almost 700 euros.

“Hundreds” of low-income servants

Everyone who earns less than 30,000 pounds sterling a year should receive this royal bonus – i.e. around 35,000 euros. According to the reports, there are quite a few people. This salary class includes, for example, cleaning staff, part of the servants and simple servants, the so-called “Royal Footmen”. actually is hardly any vacancies that are currently advertisedrated higher.

According to “Sun”, the money for the bonuses comes from the king’s private assets, and the monarch does not want to use tax money for this payment. The total is said to be tens of thousands of pounds.

An insider is said to have revealed the exact key for the bonus payments to the “Sun”. Accordingly, employees with higher salaries also get a bonus, but this should be lower. With annual income between 30,000 and 40,000 pounds, there would be a one-time addition of 400 pounds, up to 45,000 it would be 350 pounds. Individuals belonging to the royal household received £200.

King Charles III also saves on yourself

King Charles III also seems to save on himself. Due to the country’s economic situation, his coronation next May should be less pompous than originally planned. Charles III had a total of five ceremonial areas. crossed out, the duration of the coronation and the guest list had also been shortened. Even the dress code has been adjusted – because in the king’s opinion, particularly magnificent pieces, such as expensive ermine furs, belong in the museum – not in a public parade.

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