King Charles III: There should be no “circus” at the coronation

King Charles III
There should be no “circus” at the coronation

Prince Harry (left) and King Charles III.  in London in 2018.

Prince Harry (left) and King Charles III. in London in 2018.

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Dar Palast apparently hopes for “peace negotiations” with Harry. A “circus” at Charles’s coronation should thus be prevented.

The situation before the coronation of King Charles III. (74) is apparently tense after Prince Harry (38) published his autobiography “Reserve” (original title: “Spare”). According to a report by the “Sunday Times”, insiders now saidthat “peace talks” between the parties would be entirely possible.

The second son of Charles unpacks strongly in the book and does not show several family members of the British Royals, especially Prince William (40), in a good light. The relationship between the brothers in particular had been tense for years. According to media reports, the publication of the autobiography, in which Harry reports, among other things, that his brother allegedly grabbed him and threw him to the ground, was not very beneficial.

But the relationship between Harry and William and the other royals are “repairable,” an anonymous source has now explained. The parties would then have to show understanding and admit that not everything went right in the past. The best thing would be for Harry to fly home and sit down with his father Charles, brother William and other family members. Another insider meanwhile explains that Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan (41), must be invited before the coronation, otherwise everything threatens to become a big “circus and a distraction”.

“I am willing to forgive you”

Prince Harry could well accept such an invitation to “peace talks”. in one Interview with Bryony Gordon for the British “Telegraph” the 38-year-old just said that he would like a private conversation. “I’m willing to forgive you for everything you’ve done. And I wish you would really sit down with me and instead of saying that I’m delusional or paranoid, […] have a real conversation about it.”

in one TV interview with channel ITV 1 Harry had previously explainedthat he would welcome talks. But he also left it open whether he would even come to the coronation, which is planned for May 6th, if he received an invitation: “A lot can still happen before then. But the door is always open. The ball is on the table in their field. There’s a lot to talk about and I really hope they’re willing to sit down and talk about it.”

It is currently uncertain whether Prince Harry and his wife will attend the traditional ceremony. According to a report by the “Independent” According to an insider close to the royal family, an invitation will be issued a few days ago, but at least the palace expects them to stay away from the coronation and “find a reason not to come”.


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