King Charles III: The First Train Journey as King

King Charles III
The first train journey as a king

King Charles III  and King's Consort Camilla are welcomed in Bolton.

King Charles III and King’s Consort Camilla are welcomed in Bolton.

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Charles III rode the Royal Train for the first time in his role as King. Destination of the trip were Manchester and Bolton.

For the first time in his role as king Charles III. (74) used the Royal Train for a public appointment. Arriving in Manchester and later in Bolton, he and King Consort Camilla (75) were cheered by crowds of people waiting on Friday. Charles and Camilla were there as part of celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the official opening of Bolton Town Hall.

The largest cornflakes factory in the world

It is according to the British “Daily Mail” the first visit by a monarch – or monarch – to the city since 1988. The king had driven overnight from Ayr in Scotland to the Greater Manchester urban area, where Bolton is located. King Charles also visited a Kellogs factory – said to be the largest cereal factory in the world, as it is on the Twitter account called the Royal Family. The palace thanked them on the platform also for a “fantastic day out in Greater Manchester”.

The court train of the British Royals was used for Queen Victoria (1819-1901) as early as 1842 and after her death her coffin was transported in it to her grave. Over time, the train has undergone numerous restorations and extensions. Today it consists of nine wagons, including sleeping and dining cars.


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