King Charles III outraged: "I can't stand this stupid thing"

Royal Trouble
"I can't stand that stupid thing" - King Charles III. outraged by defective pen

King Charles III

Ever since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III's world has stood in turmoil. Head. A pen is enough to let the emotions boil up.

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Nothing has been the same since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Even a king like Charles III fights there. with the emotions - and can be disturbed by a pen.

With the mass of appointments and the emotional burden of the death of his mother, even a king can no longer keep a cool head in every situation. Small things are often enough to trigger brief emotional outbursts. A video is circulating on the internet saying King Charles III. while showing him losing his composure because his pen leaks.

King Charles III there is hardly any time

Britain's new king can be seen in the video signing the guest book at the royal residence Hillsborough wish to register in Northern Ireland. At first there is confusion about the date - no wonder, it can be assumed that the days of the king are currently blurred.

Charles III so ask, "is it September 12?" A servant politely says no and corrects that it is September 13th. Visibly burdened, Charles III is annoyed. and says, "Oh god, I wrote the wrong date." From the conversation that follows, it appears that it was not the first time that the king had gotten the date wrong that day. He reassures himself and appears to correct the information in the book.

When he wants to give the pen to his wife Camilla, the trouble really begins - because the pen spills on his finger. The king is outraged: "Oh god, I hate it." His Woman confirms: "Look, it's leaking out everywhere." Charles III replies extremely annoyed: "I can't stand this stupid thing." He also scolds: "Every damn time!" And while Charles III. leaves the room upset, his wife continues the entry in the book – with a new pen.

understanding of Charles III. is big

Apparently it's not the first royal freak since Charles III. is in office. It was only on Saturday that the king was apparently annoyed by the position of an inkwell - and asked his servants to change the utensil.

However, the understanding for Charles is great. Angered by the ink on his finger, it said on social media: "Be gentle with him, he's not only 73 years old, he just got his mother lost and became our king in one breath, he didn't even have a chance to mourn because he's on display all over the country." Few people think that a king should work like clockwork even in this extreme situation .

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