King Charles III: First letters printed with monogram

King Charles III
First letters printed with monogram

King Charles III  begins his work as monarch.

King Charles III begins his work as monarch.

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King Charles III has his own monogram “CIIIR” since Monday. The first letters were printed with it this Tuesday.

Buckingham Palace received the official monogram of the new monarch, King, last Monday Charles III. (73), presented. The character, called “cypher” in English, will in future be used by all government agencies on government documents and will also appear on newly installed mailboxes. This Tuesday, the Buckingham Palace post office had the first letters printed with the new monogram. The special moment was captured in an Instagram post. Several pictures show the letters from the printer together with the monogram and the date September 27th.

“R” for Rex

The monogram consists of a “C” for Charles and an “R” for Rex, the Latin word for king. Inside the letters is the Latin numeral III. pictured as a sign for the third English king named Charles. The British crown is enthroned above the letters and the number. The information contained in a monogram are always the same, but the designs can vary according to taste or in terms of coat of arms and historical background, according to the current post on the official Instagram account of the Royal Family, which now shows the King and Queen Consort Camilla (75 ) indicates.

It introduced the first postmark with a “cypher” in 1901 under King Edward VII (1841-1910). It continues: “While the current monarch can be easily identified from photos and images, the royal cypher was first introduced when very few people saw the monarch. It was intended to strengthen identity.”


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