King Charles III does his daily sports program in England

Dhe following praise is really not meant in a poisonous way, but with due respect: The UK has a new lead gymnast. One that brings new movement to the throne, if only for twelve minutes a day. That’s how long the fitness program that King Charles III. according to consistent court reports.

The exercise was not developed by the Royal Coronary Sports Group, but by none stronger than the Royal Canadian Air Force. This includes plenty of push-ups and sit-ups and as many stretches as Her Majesty’s back can handle.

If one believes his wife, Camilla, who has been promoted to Queen Consort, the king is a model of physical fitness for his subjects. Camilla revealed two years ago that he was probably the fittest man of his age that she knew.

When he’s not stretching or throwing a football for charity or playing ping-pong, Camilla says Charles the Third hikes like no other: “He’s like a mountain goat, leaving everyone miles behind.” That level of fitness suggests a long reign. Sports save the King!

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