Kim Kardashian auctions off a piece of jewelry worn by Princess Diana

Rreality TV star Kim Kardashian has secured a piece of jewelry at an auction in London that was once owned by the British Princess Diana was carried. According to auction house Sotheby’s, Kardashian offered 163,800 pounds (187,000 euros) for the so-called “Attallah” cross on Wednesday. That was more than double the minimum price estimated in advance.

The striking “Attallah” cross was created by the British jeweler Garrard in the 1920s. Diana had worn it several times before her death in 1997.

According to the auction house Sotheby’s it was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. For example, she wore it with a Catherine Walker dress in October 1987. At the time, she attended a charity gala in support of Birthright, a charity dedicated to protecting human rights during pregnancy and childbirth.

According to Sotheby’s, it is believed that the cross has only ever been worn by the princess and has never been seen in public after her death, until now. It belongs now kardashian; According to the auction house, the 42-year-old had it bid for by a representative.

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