Karl Lauterbach’s corona communication is slowly becoming a nuisance

WHow long can the Federal Minister of Health hold out: constantly warning, imploring, erratic? “My communication works” – that’s what it sounded like Karl Lauterbach in a soliloquy at “Lanz” a few days ago. The others in the group were already fleeing from the Corona Minister, towards those who “don’t want to hear all that anymore” for Lauterbach. Today it is no longer just the lateral thinkers or conspiracy theorists, but many who go to the supermarket or the stadium and perceive the overwhelming majority of the unmasked people around them.

Joachim Müller-Jung

Editor in the feuilleton, responsible for the “Nature and Science” department.

They call it normality, but the minister doesn’t want to know anything about normality. He remains adamant about his Virus Warner line. From an epidemiological and virological point of view, this role has good reasons, politically it is increasingly marginalizing the minister who is supposed to lead people out of the pandemic. His poll numbers have been falling for weeks, his role as captain, who bravely endures the bitter truth and is the last to leave the ship, no longer works. The ship has run aground, but Karl Lauterbach continues to rant about the sinking, about the Corona autumn, which will be “no picnic”. “I only put warnings where they are justified,” he said. Markus Lanz insisted it was “education through fear”. And scaremongering, that’s a political truism, rarely promotes democracy. It unsettles and drives people who don’t trust statistics but their own experiences to the fringes.

The “Bild” newspaper asked whether the minister was still healthy for our country, and this too is only an escalation of the provocative question of whether the Federal Minister of Health of all people might be the last to prevent the end of the pandemic. So what is Lauterbach aiming for when he answers the hashtags #LauterbachResignation now or #LauterbachRausschmiss, which are popping up everywhere on his favorite communicative platform Twitter, with even more intimidating expert tweets? Even if he warns sharply about the autumn wave or new dangerous variants and then mimics innocence and adds: “… which I hope not”.

Who is speaking: the worried doctor, the scientist providing information, the minister who is loyal to the line? In fact, the pattern and rhythm of his Corona warnings hardly changed. And this penetrance consumes. Sometimes it’s an erratic rumbling against misinformation, sometimes it’s recourse to seemingly infallible evidence.

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