Kanye West is ending his deal with Gap

He ends his deal with Gap

The cooperation between Kanye West and Gap has failed.

The cooperation between Kanye West and Gap has failed.

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Musician and fashion designer Kanye West has canceled his long-term deal with Gap and now wants to "build his own castle".

The eccentric US rapper and designer Kanye West (45) has ended his cooperation with the clothing manufacturer Gap. In an interview with US channel CNBC, West described, who calls himself Ye, described the collaboration as a "frustrating" and "disheartening" experience. The "agenda" of him and Gap did not agree. Now the musician wants to open his own shops for his fashion line Yeezy "immediately".

Kanye West: "A king can't live in someone else's castle"

Kanye West explained on CNBC from behind silver glasses: "Everyone knows that I am the leader. I am the king. A king cannot reside in someone else's castle. A king must build his own castle".

West and the US company signed a deal in 2020 that would see Gap distribute Yeezy products. But according to West, there was a problem with the cooperation. He was not involved to a satisfactory extent in price and design decisions. Gap also failed to keep its promise to open shops in which West Fashion brand Yeezy takes center stage.

Gap disagrees with West's statements. The contractual obligations had been fulfilled. However, the existing product range is still to be sold. West's collaboration with Gap was originally scheduled to run until 2026. On Wall Street, Thursday (September 15) brought the company down nearly 4 percent.


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