Justice ministers want more money

Ein an offer from the Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) to strengthen the judiciary causes resentment in the federal states and the German Association of Judges (DRB). Financial support of 200 million euros in the coming years is not enough for them. The main criticism is that the federal government has only promised a cash injection for the digitization of the judicial authorities. Other funds - such as for additional positions - are not part of the offer. "Only a constitutional state that does not lag behind technically will enjoy a high level of acceptance among the citizens in the long term," wrote Buschmann to his fellow ministers in the federal states on Friday.

The criticism followed promptly at the weekend. The proposal by the Federal Ministry of Justice "does not even begin to reflect the major challenges facing the judiciary in principle and with regard to digitization," criticized Hamburg's Senator for Justice Anna Gallina (Greens). She and the two ministerial colleagues from Bavaria and Lower Saxony, who conducted the negotiations with Buschmann, insisted that the traffic light coalition had promised to continue the "Pact for the Rule of Law". In it, the black-red coalition had provided an amount of 220 million euros for additional positions in the judiciary in the past legislative period. The federal states have been demanding a continuation and 350 million euros for months.

Now the FDP minister only sees digitization as an urgent problem; his ministry must also make a contribution to the federal government’s digital strategy by 2025. DRB Federal Managing Director Sven Rebehn considers the focus on digitization to be insufficient. "A new edition of the federal-state pact must tackle both the extensive digitization tasks and the urgent personnel problems in the judiciary, as promised by the traffic light coalition agreement."

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