Jürgen Vogel: He is shooting new episodes of “Beyond the Spree”

Jürgen Vogel: He is shooting new episodes of "Beyond the Spree"

Jurgen Vogel
He is shooting new episodes of “Jenseits der Spree”

Jurgen Vogel with "Beyond the Spree"- Colleague Seyneb Saleh.

Jürgen Vogel with “Beyond the Spree” colleague Seyneb Saleh.

© ZDF/Oliver Feist

Jürgen Vogel is shooting new episodes of “Beyond the Spree” in Berlin-Köpenick. The Friday evening thriller was a success for ZDF.

New assignments for Jurgen Vogel (54) “Beyond the Spree”. As ZDF announced in a press release, shooting for new episodes of the crime series has begun in the Berlin district of Köpenick. Vogel has been investigating as Chief Inspector Robert Heffler since September 2021, alongside colleague Kay Freund (Seyneb Saleh, 34).

Stress for Robert Heffler, professionally and privately

need to start heffler and friend immediately investigate a controversial case: a murder in their own ranks. It’s also getting stressful for the inspector in his private life. His three daughters want to find a new wife for him. But Heffler would prefer to continue his non-binding affair with his boss Katharina Koblinski (Elisabeth Baulitz, 48). Or is there more to do with the head of department?

Shooting will end this month – start of transmission not yet known

The shooting in Köpenick, the “greenest part of Berlin” (ZDF) should, according to broadcaster information, come to an end in mid-July. There are no broadcast dates for the new season yet. The broadcaster also did not communicate whether there were four episodes again. The four one-hour episodes of the first season ran on Friday evening, the tried-and-tested second time slot for thrillers.

The ratings for the first season of “Beyond the Spree” were satisfactory for ZDF. In the first case on September 24, 2021, 5.27 million viewers tuned in. In episode two it was even 5.36. At the end of the season it went downhill slightly, up to 5.14 million viewers.


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