Jurgen Klopp suffers after Liverpool draw in Premier League

Das word crisis took Jürgen Klopp not in the mouth. Even if he was asked about it indirectly, because the 3-3 win against the surprise team Brighton & Hove Albion puts Liverpool FC under increasing pressure early in the English Premier League season.

“I can’t say what everyone wants to hear now. I know we only have ten points and that’s the reality. Of course that’s not good enough for us and I’m not hiding from it. But we have to work through it now and continue to work together so that we can get better, ”said Klopp. The Reds are already eleven points behind leaders with one game less Arsenal FC. There is no need to talk about the championship and even the way to the Champions League will probably be rocky for the 2019 triumphant.

“We didn’t do that”

It was the fourth draw of the season for the Klopp team, with only two wins and one loss. Above all, the defensive performance against the surprise team from Brighton annoyed him. “You have to defend and we didn’t do that. It was horrible to watch,” said Klopp in frustration and pushed in the direction of his players: “I spoke to the boys the way I speak to you. I don’t know how many times I have to say we need a response.”

But he also took responsibility for himself. “We’re under pressure, we’re not ignoring that. The boys can play much better. My job is to create a situation where they deliver,” said the 55-year-old. Mainz and Dortmund both left Klopp after seven years. In April, the 55-year-old surprisingly extended his contract prematurely until the summer of 2026. Originally, the former Dortmund champion coach had said goodbye for 2024 after nine years in Liverpool announced.

“We are also in for a change. A change is part of it, and I wanted to be part of it. I’m still in the right place here at the moment, one hundred percent,” said Klopp in a Sky interview before the Brighton game: “And if not, then you have to end it. It would be stupid if you didn’t do that. But none of those involved see that at the moment.”

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