Jürgen Drews: Great emotions in his “hit farewell”

Jurgen Drews
Great emotions at his “hit farewell”

Joelina Drews with father Jürgen Drews at "big hit farewell".

Joelina Drews with father Jürgen Drews at the “big hit farewell”.

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Great emotions at Jürgen Drews’ “big hit farewell”: The singer could not hold back his tears on Saturday.

Florian Silbereisen (41) presented the big farewell show on Saturday evening Jurgen Drews (77). In “The Big Hit” (Das Erste), the King of Mallorca was on stage for the very last time. Drews, dressed in a shimmering pink suit with black lapels and a bow tie, not only performed his hits like “König von Mallorca”, “I’ll build you a castle” or “Sometime, somewhere, somehow (see you again)”, he also sat next to his wife Ramona (49) and daughter Joelina Drews (27) on a sofa.

There wasn’t a dry eye

Because in the show recorded in the Media City Atelier Leipzig, numerous stars wanted to say goodbye to the musician. Among others, Anna-Maria Zimmermann (34), Marianne Rosenberg (67) or Maite Kelly (43) were on stage and performed their own hits. The latter, however, also had a specially composed song for Drews in her luggage, which she took with her silver iron performed and caused tears in Drews’ eyes. Silbereisen also delivered a duet with Beatrice Egli (34), together they performed “1000 and 1 night (zoom!)”.

Joelina Drews: “I admire you”

It got particularly emotional, however, when Drews took the stage with his daughter and they performed the ballad “We’ve Got Tonight” together in a duet. As the King of Mallorca its Joelina watching the song brought tears to his eyes again.

On Instagram the singer dedicated a few loving words to her father, “protector”, “solid as a rock” and “role model”. “Your career and life’s work are extraordinary and I admire you for that and take my hat off to you!” Jürgen Drews was a “pioneer” of a “whole music genre”. Joelina Drews was “grateful to be able to call such a unique, extraordinary person my father and that I was able to share the stage with you one last time”. She loves her dad “with all my heart”.

And Jürgen Drews also got in touch on social media one last word about his farewell – but kept it short with a “THANK YOU”.


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