Jungle camp day 6: Verena Kerth and Claudia Effenberg swam offside

Jungle camp day 6
Verena Kerth and Claudia Effenberg: Two “Blond Girls” swelled offside

jungle camp

On day 6, Tessa, Verena and Claudia (from left to right) had to compete in the jungle test called “Pfui-Dora”. Dad’s had a special task: as a bicycle courier, he delivered the food that the three of them were given. There were all sorts of curiosities to choose from…​​​​​​

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The jungle campers can no longer hear it: Lucas Cordalis blasphemes about the “brutal noise level” of the two (ex) player wives and everyone else agrees. It’s a good thing that at least team boss Jana Urkraft Pallaske relies on calm tones

Day 6 in the jungle and we urgently need to talk leadership. Yes, bad word. How about the even worse word boss gene instead? As is well known, in the camp everyone can say where to go. So far, all bosses have remained technically in the green. Then comes Jana. The “magic girl” (Gigi) aka “the fully irradiated one” (Claudia or Verena?) claims at the beginning of her one-day reign that she has “no master plan”, but then gets started in a fairly goal-oriented manner – namely with a group dynamic exercise. Smart! Team building instead of trainer slogans. Something like this has been proven to promote a sense of togetherness among employees.

woman Urkraft doesn’t hand out tedious tasks in the morning, she first asks everyone to form a standing circle. Then the mild journey begins: Everyone should say “Ommm” together for a long time. Yes, that sounds really funny, optionally “plemplem” (Jan Köppen), but if you’ve never tried it yourself, you should do it. Tested for you and found to be good. Breathing consciously is also part of Jana’s positive morning routine. You can also hum and shake yourself like a Polaroid picture. Since singing bowls and gongs are not at hand at the moment, the creative team leader quickly converts the lid of the saucepan into a sound carrier. Almost no difference audible!

The unorthodox approach is surprisingly well received by the shaman’s ward: “It’s also entertainment, but it’s different,” says Cosimo appreciatively. Djamila comes out as a fan: “I think it’s great! There’s such a calm there.” There is only one person who can’t cope with so much spiritual Schnuffel vibes: the man who is always tired in the morning and incredibly hungry day and night: Gigi. “I feel like I’m going to be normal and everyone else is going crazy!” he wonders. Please think about it here memes of Gigi widening his eyes, pulling his head back and waving his hands in a zigzag.

Djamila and her “hardware store fetish”

Speaking of waving your hands. Djamila reveals in a private conversation Jolinathat she has a secret passion: “I love screws and dowels, I have such a hardware store fetish,” admits the 55-year-old. Without knowing a statistic: Every bet that she is not alone with this love! Where else can you discover treasures like the dimmable LED table lamp in the shape of a dachshund or a toilet seat made of oak veneer with a soft-closing function? Or 6-dowels – Djamila’s favorite dowels. Be honest: Whoever says sentences like “The cordless screwdriver changed my life” immediately makes you want to philosophize about life with them over a watery cappuccino and a fat lemon roll at the hardware store baker. Hammer! What makes Djamila even more likeable is the fact that she still believes that nobody has her on the screen: “I don’t know if I’m even noticed? I’m rather quiet.”

Cosimo fluctuates between the poles of funny and serious clown, depending on how he is on the day. Just the serious one has the upper hand again: He always made everyone laugh at school. Cosimo thoughtfully: “But what did the laughter of the others do for me? Nothing!” Instead of buying a solid barber shop, he went into debt in hopes of a career in music, leading to personal bankruptcy. “That’s why I’m now in a phase where I’m dependent on reality formats!” He says. Gigi may have a solution: “Can’t you open a savings account?” Cosimo: “Once you’re bankrupt, you can’t make a savings account.”

Jolina explains

When trans woman Jolina Mennen talks about her gender reassignment surgery, Cosimo wants to know for sure: “Did you bury your penis?” Jolina calmly and matter-of-factly explains to him – and to millions of viewers – that “he” is not cut off when forming a so-called neo-vagina, but turned inside out. Gigi comes up with ideas: “Ah, then can you get him out again?” Jolina says how it is (no, no getting out is possible) and manages to educate with her natural way, without anyone feeling taught. When Jana asks her what her name was when she was still a man, Jolina has to swallow. in the jungle phone she talks about the “incredibly sensitive topic” that so-called deadnaming is. “It doesn’t matter because it’s something in the past. But as a public person, I’m already aware of that, so I can talk about it.” Her name used to be Julian. After the conversation, Gigi was impressed by Jolina: “She’s sending a good sign in this El-Dschi-Bee-Gee-Tsch-Plus community, what’s that flag called again?” LGBTQIA+, Gigi.

Lucas blasphemes about “Blond Girls”

Verena and her new BFF Claudia complete the jungle test with Tessa as the fifth wheel, in which pig noses and other delicacies are delivered. The “Blond Girls” and Tessa finally get six out of twelve stars and bicker again on the way home to the camp. So everything is normal. Unusual: In the absence of the “Munich Schickeria” (Markus), Lucas Cordalis leathers about them. He is glad “that this brutal noise level is gone”, the constant talking and the volume of Verena and Caudia “make you deaf at the end of the day”. Cecilia applauds enthusiastically about the duo diss, Jolina, Gigi, Djamila and Markus agree: without the “Blond Girls” everything is much more peaceful in the camp.

The day ends the way it began: Team boss Jana invites everyone who wants to chant “Kumbaya, My Lord” together and drums a little something. Breathe in and out deeply! “If you don’t let go, there’s no new space to breathe in. That’s also a big problem in our society – this fear of letting go,” she says, unleashing an avalanche of emotions. Jolina suddenly burst into tears. “My old self still hangs on me like a shadow,” she says.

Markus is also moved. He is “actually not a friend of such outbursts,” he says, and then breaks out anyway and lets the tears flow. His older sister recently passed away from cancer. “I haven’t had time to mourn.” The somewhat different team boss “somehow brought the group to another level”, the singer is amazed. And Djamila? From now on, she no longer only raves about 6-seater dowels: “Today is really the best day in the camp!”, she says happily. “Magic Girl” delivered properly. In the next test, Lucas has to come to terms with loud Claudia. That could get stressful.

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