Jungle camp day 5: Gigi and Cecilia get their fat off Verena

Jungle camp day 5
“They’re like ketchup and mayo” – Gigi and Cecilia get their fat from Verena

jungle camp

Camp buddies: Cecilia and Gigi


Does music history need to be rethought? In addition to the attack by killer frogs and nasty gossip attacks by coffee aunts Claudia and Verena, day 5 raised the question of the authorship of two groundbreaking hits. Is “Greek Wine” actually by Costa Cordalis and did Dieter Bohlen write “Little Flashlight Burn”?

Mark Stohr

Imagine you have slumbered blissfully, wake up and the first thing you see is Claudia “I’ve already brushed my teeth and everything”-Effenberg. The footballer specialist and designer out of boredom who never says anything surprising, but says it five times in a row. A late fifties on repeat, absolutely unsnoozable. Daddies – every muscle in his face betrayed it – was really in the mood for small talk with the cheerful early riser. And it only seemed like he was contemplating having a fit of narcolepsy pretending and flopping baggy back onto his bed. Instead, he opted for the biological variant to keep the Effenberg at a distance. “I stink like an old Gorgonzola,” he announced. And you? “Me too.”

Effenberg has found a like-minded person in Verena Sweep. Together they are the bourgeois sisters who look at the world from a coffee aunt’s point of view. In her sights at the moment: Cecilia, according to Effe a “frustrated what-I-know-what”, who always interferes in everything and talks disrespectfully. “Yes, exactly,” Sweep immediately etched gratefully, so maybe she could talk to Gigi, her buddy. “The two are the perfect symbiosis – like Tom and Jerry, ketchup and mayoMaya the Bee and Willi.” That was almost funny again.

Lucas Cordalis tells of his father’s death

Meanwhile on the axis of good: Lucas Cordalis and Cosimo wave Costa Cordalis in heaven too. “I’m sure he’s thinking, what are those two idiots doing there,” joked the “Checker vom Neckar”, this wonderful weirdo who shakes the perfect shaggy double out of his doughy body on the spur of the moment and the next moment finds himself whimpering in front of tiny jungle frogs in his sleeping bag hidden. When Lucas talked about his father’s death (“I felt his last heartbeat”), Cosimo kept covering his ears in between. His fear of losing his own father is too great (“I don’t even want to know what it would be like for me if he weren’t there anymore”). And because music makes everything easier, he intoned what he considered Costa Cordalis’ biggest hit: “Greek Wine”. Then Lucas found his laughter again.

It was also Cosimo who brought the conversation to Bohlen (“Dieter is like my mother and Mario Basler: They always have the last word on their tongue”) – and triggered an unusual speech flash in Markus. He talked about a visit to the Bohlen villa many years ago. The walls were papered with gold plates and thick books were everywhere, with the chart chronicles of the past decades. “That’s where he got the inspiration for his own songs.” The whole thing took on completely absurd traits when Bohlen claimed that the Markus hit “Little flashlight burn” actually came from him – and that the guest had to pay the bill when he went to the restaurant afterwards. Cosimo, the good man from Stuttgart: “I would be Dieter BohlenI would have invited you.”

Gigi wants to become a “belly model”.

Speaking of food: Thanks to Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske’s heroic six-star hunt over a high course – a nightmare for acrophobics – more diverse food landed on the campers’ plates again. Among them was a tuber, which Tessa Bergmeier used for its sharpness led to a kind of near-death experience (“It feels like I have spikes in my throat!”). Gigi, who, like everyone, is super annoyed by the ex-model (“I need Tessa withdrawal”), naturally saw things more chilled. He just doesn’t like fish and picks everything fishy out of his tin bowl with choking noises. He buried his spontaneous idea of ​​working as a male model after a conversation with daddies. So half: “Maybe I could model for people who have stomachs.”


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