Jungle camp day 2: the unexpected metamorphosis of Gigi

Jungle camp day 2
“I’m like a Ferrari without tires”: the unexpected metamorphosis of the Gigi

Jungle camp Gigi Rauch

Testosterone boy on withdrawal: Gigi picks up used smoke from Jolina in the jungle camp.

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Tested on trash TV, Gigi suddenly shows a different side of himself and surprises with sensitive behavior. Who would have expected that? Even his buddy Cosimo doesn’t want to play the role of clown that was intended for him: “I’m a peacemaker!”

By Simone Decker

We’re just writing day 2 in the jungle and one of the “employees or inmates or what do we call us?” (Original sound Djamila Rowe) set out to destroy the image he had been assiduously building. We’re talking about Luigi “Gigi” Birofio. The 23-year-old with Italian roots has so far presented himself as a permanently horny sex chav in fumble formats such as “Ex On The Beach”, “Prominent Separated” or “Temptation Island VIP”. Also in the opening credits to the jungle camp, he lolls around naked on a limousine roof, only a cowboy hat covers his intimate area. When he moved into the camp, he openly revealed that he had prepared himself well for the expected disgust tests by trying his own sperm.

Tolerant testosterone boy

And now this: the tattooed testosterone toy boy turns out to be a surprisingly sensitive and tolerant fellow. No?! After all! Oh! When influencer Jolina Mennen casually talks about her time before her transition, Gigi grapples directly: “What? You used to be a guy? You used to have a penis?” So far, so to be expected. But instead of firing off one stupid macho slogan after the other, the 23-year-old shows genuine interest: “Strong!” He supports Jolina. He also celebrates the love story between Jolina and her husband: “He went through everything? Really sweet, ey! That’s it love!”

And while you’re still just about your own prejudices about well-built men questioned with puppy eyes, Gigi is already sitting with the gay male model Papis Loveday and asking him about his life story. To this day he keeps his job and his homosexuality secret from his conservative parents, since homophobia is still widespread in Senegal: “I don’t want to be a shame for my mom,” says Papis. Gigi, who most viewers probably think is as intelligent as Dieter Bohlen’s guitar, then analyzes his comrade-in-arms as if he had completed a psychology degree with top marks: “Papi’s shines a lot, but there’s also a lot of sadness in Dad’s body.” The pure Gigi teaching: “You have to live and love how you want.” Amen!

The only thing that bothers the former industrial electrician is withdrawal from nicotine and food. The permitted five cigarettes a day are smoked up faster than vegan Tessa Bergmeier can say “I don’t want to hurt any animals”. Gigi generously offers himself as a lighter for the other smokers. Jolina has to blow used smoke in his face frontally. Gigi craves the feeling of being able to tug so much that he absentmindedly sucks on one of Cecilia Asoro’s braided strands of hair before she turns her head away without warning. In terms of food, it also looks meager for the meat fan: Since Tessa in the jungle exam only got three stars because she was afraid of stepping on roaches and other creatures (“I think I bodychecked the crab”), he has to survive on vegetables, fruit and a few bits of pigeon. For Tessa’s love of animals, Gigi’s understanding is limited: “Where do you think the crabs go when they are released? They come to a restaurant in Australia,” he is convinced.

Djamila Rowe feels like a ghost

And then there’s Cosimo Citiolo, the self-proclaimed “Checker from the Neckar”. Like Gigi tattooed, like Gigi with Italian roots, like Gigi a very hungry man. But he doesn’t seem to want to play the part either, that one expects from him: that of the spoiled clown. Cosimo: “I’m a peace person. I know you need drama and headlines, but I’m not that kind of person.” Then the man, who everyone makes fun of because he likes to cheat 30 kilos slimmer on Instagram, goes to Jana URKRAFT Pallaske of all people and tells her how great he thinks she is: “I would also like to be correct. It’s always with you Peace, therefore I go to your place.”

The fact that “embassy bitch” Djamila Rowe hides a very sensitive soul behind her operated shell could already be seen in 2022 in the “jungle show”. In the camp, she still has to make sure with Verena Kerth that she is actually part of this year’s event. You never know: “I’ll ask if I’m officially present,” she says. She is at least sure about what she would do with the prize of 100,000 euros. “I want to get a new fridge.” That should be in there.

Development in the jungle camp

The last word, however, belongs to the man of the evening, Mister “I’m-more-than-just-a-gigolo-Gigi”. Sonja Zietlow asked him if he wanted to do a jungle test, did he want action? “On the other shows you’ve been very physically active, more so in the lower body region. Are you more like a Ferrari that needs a real ride?” The 23-year-old sums up his current state of mind with astonishing precision: “I’m like a Ferrari without tires. A Ferrari that just stands still.” Conclusion: You are witnessing a rapid development of your personality that you didn’t expect at all.

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