Jungle camp: Claudia shows Tessa the stinky fingers

Jungle camp: Claudia shows Tessa the stinky fingers

jungle camp
Claudia shows Tessa the stinky fingers

There was tension between Tessa (top left) and Claudia Effenberg (bottom right).

There was tension between Tessa (top left) and Claudia Effenberg (bottom right).


Tessa against Claudia and Cosimo against almost everyone: In the “aftermath” of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” it will be crasser than in the camp.

The jungle was just the prelude. Because two weeks after the final “I’m a star – get me out of here!” invited RTL to the “Nachspiel” on Sunday at prime time (also on RTL+). And in the Cologne studio, Sonja Zietlow (54) and Jan Köppen (39) are more violent than in Australia.

But first to the good side. For jungle queen Djamila Rowe (55), her “life has completely changed for the better”, even if she continues to shop at the discounter despite 100,000 euros. She travels from “appointment to appointment to appointment”. There have already been “meetings” with men, even if the right one hasn’t yet crystallized. A company even donated a printer for her. In the camp she had reported about her mishap with her multifunction device.

“God sees everything” – RTL does not

She now has the blue tick on Instagram. But did Cosimo Citiolo (41) block them? He pulls his cell phone out of his pants to prove the opposite. By the way, he doesn’t carry his smartphone in his trouser pocket, but on the front. Where he wanted to smuggle a banana into the jungle.

In general, Cosimo: He caused a fight at the party after the regular jungle season. He had argued behind the scenes with Djamila’s companion Yvonne Woelke (41), who in turn stole the headlines from the stars during the recording with her alleged affair with Peter Klein (61), Lucas Cordalis’ (55) companion. Djamila calls on her friend Yvonne in the studio to end the public theater.

Fellow camper Cecilia Asoro (26) is said to have felt threatened by Cosimo. “Eventually everything will come out,” she exclaims. “God sees everything”. The RTL cameras didn’t see everything, so a lot remains vague here. In general, the numerous stories that the stars have separated via Instagram in the last two weeks have taken RTL’s sovereignty of interpretation. Zietlow and Köppen can hardly keep up, anyone who hasn’t followed the events surrounding the ex-campers in the last 14 days feels a little lost in the “postlude”.

Gigi keeps an eye on flies, Cosimo has snacks in his pocket

As for Queen Djamila, a lot has changed for the better for Crown Prince Gigi Birofio (23). The runner-up spoke for the first time about his problems with his father at the camp. He then said on television for the first time that he loves his son and is proud of him. Even Gigi, who lounges around in the studio like in his living room, has to shed a tear. Or get a “fly out of the eye”.

Cosimo doesn’t like to show his feelings either. When it comes down to it, he pulls a chocolate bar out of his pocket – not out of his pants this time. But his voice also breaks when he apologizes to his mother for lying about his gambling addiction.

Claudia Effenberg emulates her husband

Meanwhile, the stress shifts to the Green Room, where the stars are waiting for their turn in the studio. Claudia Effenberg (57) emulates her husband Stefan (54) here. The footballer’s wife, who previously called laughing spectators “assholes”, gave the finger like her husband at the 1994 World Cup. Tessa Bergmeier (33) was the addressee because she pointed out to Claudia that the word “asocial” is no longer appropriate. Verena Kerth (41) apparently did not listen to Tessa. She described the participants backstage as an “anti-social pack”.

In the studio, the fight between Tessa and Claudia continues. The self-proclaimed vegan “activist” Tessa calls Claudia a “bitch” at the peak.

At the end of the aftermath, the apparent giant of the season got his fat off: Lucas Cordalis, who started as a team player and leader, then not only disappointed in the games. After all, he shows himself to be contrite in the studio and apologizes to everyone.


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