Jungle camp 2023: Tessa Bergmeier flies out

Jungle camp 2023: Tessa Bergmeier flies out

DThe good news first: Tessa Bergmeier has left the building. Or as Cosimo Citiolo, the Menderes Bağcı of Business English, would say: Tessa Bergmeier has left the education. Her viewer-based resignation leaves some camp bedfellows feeling happier than if they had bought Tesla stock in 2019 and sold it in late 2021.

The farewell of the former GNTM participant is a classic win-win situation overall. Even Tessa is happier after being kicked out than Olivia Jones in a wig shop. For me as a vegan, there is also the fact that you can now discuss plant-based nutrition in a sensible way again.

Every dinner an ethics seminar

In this terror mode, with which Tessa imposed vegetables on her meat-eating comrades-in-arms, you probably won’t convince a single viewer to critically question their own meat consumption. However, this would be absolutely necessary if you consider the effects of factory farming on the climate, environment and health. And moral aspects such as animal suffering are not even priced in.

Tessa probably knows all this too. Unfortunately, she turned every dinner into an ethics seminar. A Waterloo for what is actually a good cause. In the outrage-loving combat mode, however, you rarely reach your goal. And makes yourself vulnerable. So Tessa was pretty much alone in the camp for days. Apart from actress and tree hugger Jana Pallaske-Urkraft, all candidates like to eat meat. Especially in shortage situations, people are reluctant to drive out hunger with the moral club. So Tessa quickly found herself in the penitential dress of the vegan discourse amok runner.

From that point on, Tessa had isolated herself in the quarrelsome tyrant corner. Even sentences like “Eat your dead body parts!” On this basis, Claudia Effenberg-Strunz, a player’s wives pensioner, led to general consternation that was worthy of an Oscar: “Now she’s accusing me of eating dead body parts!” Apart from the fact that I still never seen living body parts – Newsflash, dear Claudia: Yes, you are eating dead body parts. That doesn’t change just because Tessa pitched the advantages of a vegan diet worse than the influencer Fynn Kliemann did his mask deals.

“I’m not a robot, I need sleep”

But back to the scientific evaluation of the tenth day in the jungle camp. Chronologically, it starts with nightly bonus material. A ranger revokes a tarantula’s residence permit, while Lucas Cordalis refuses to join the solidarity night watch and instead puts Claudia forward. This makes Djamila doubt his gentleman skills: “I was horrified that he lay down again.” A sentence that is otherwise only heard from Daniela Katzenberger when she admonishes her husband Lucas to comply with his marital duties. However, the singer is not aware of any guilt: “I’m not a robot, I need sleep.” Anyone who has seen Lucas dance will not believe him in the part with the robot.

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