Jungle camp 2023: Bolognese, pizza and being kicked out

Jungle camp 2023
Bolognese, pizza and a sack

Cecilia Asoro had to leave the jungle camp on Wednesday evening.

Cecilia Asoro had to leave the jungle camp on Wednesday evening.


Are there no other topics in the TV jungle than Bolognese? It doesn’t matter to Cecilia Asoro because she’s out.

“Guys, let’s be honest, don’t we have other topics?” What Djamila Rowe (55) asked himself, some viewers may have thought as well. Because next to mail from home it said in the jungle camp above all the big Bolognese lie in the foreground, which developed into a real scandal among the candidates. Meanwhile, Cecilia Asoro (26) had to say goodbye at the end of the show.

Not only the Bolognese was simmering

Claudia Effenberg (57) and Rowe recently claimed after a treasure hunt that they had refused spaghetti bolognese in exchange for food for the campers. That was not only fictitious, but also a dig at Cosimo Citiolo (41) and Gigi Birofio (23), who had previously knocked out four eggs for the team in a comparable situation and ate a pizza for two. Instead of clarifying the whole thing soon, Effenberg remained silent and was even ennobled as “selfless” by Papis Loveday (46). Rowe had at least confessed everything to Citiolo and brought the moderator duo Sonja Zietlow (54) and Jan Köppen (39). finally got the ball rolling. Suddenly everyone knew.

“Maybe that wasn’t okay of us,” said Effenberg well and she’ll gladly apologize too. The two just wanted to “do a gag”, maybe it was “a stupid idea”. It certainly was, like most of the celebrities from “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” might think. Jolina Mennen (30) just saw it as a “bad joke” and Asoro wasn’t exactly impressed either.

The Bolognese story was “a provocation” for him, Birofio later confronted Effenberg, who showed little insight and continued on Pizza rode around. He wanted the two to avoid each other for the most part in the camp, which the designer apparently couldn’t get over. In addition to Birofio, who compared his fellow candidate to a teacher “who you just hate”, Loveday in particular probably felt betrayed. “That was right snake,” he judged. Effenberg now hopes that the viewers will choose her or Birofio. A wish that they should not fulfill for the time being.

Tears of the “Greek Power Hot Peppers”

Once again, numerous tears rolled in other scenes. men, who made a lot of effort in the jungle test “Der Jaulwurf”, was able to secure a solid five out of eight possible stars in a small, dark tunnel system. “I’m just proud of myself,” the YouTuber became emotional. And with mail from home, it was of course inevitable that hardly a dry eye would remain.

“Who’s in the mood to cry a little?” Birofio announced when distributing letters from family members and friends. Lucas Cordalis (55) got a few lovely lines from his wife Daniela Katzenberger (36). She and daughter Sophia are proud of the “Greek power peppers”. The little ones’ eyes always lit up when they saw their dad on TV. Sophia is “the most important thing in the world” for him and he thinks of her every day, explained the visibly touched singer.

At the end of the current episode were The Last Minutes by Cecilia Asoro came. What will the reality star treat herself to after moving out? It probably won’t be a plate of spaghetti Bolognese, and Asoro should be able to do without that for the time being.

The next episode of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” with still seven campers shows RTL (also on RTL+) on Thursday from 10:15 p.m. The finale of the current season will then rise on January 29th.


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