Jungle camp 2023: Are the first celebrities already in the jungle?

Jungle camp 2023
Are the first celebrities already in the jungle?

Lucas Cordalis is on his way to the jungle camp.

Lucas Cordalis is on his way to the jungle camp.

© RTL / Arya Shirazi

Lucas Cordalis and Cecilia Asoro are already on their way to the jungle camp. Both announced this via social media.

The first prominent participants have left their hotel rooms in Brisbane and are apparently already on their way to the jungle camp.

Musician Lucas Cordalis (55) posted Video on his Instagram account, in which he reveals that the adventure has begun for him. “Hello friends, if you see this, I’m either on my way to the jungle camp or already in the jungle camp,” he says to his almost 600,000 followers. “Yes, and I’m really looking forward to a huge and mega emotional adventure that means a lot to me,” adds the son of the first king of the jungle, Costa Cordalis (1944-2019).

And it can also be seen from the Instagram account of “Playboy” and reality TV star Cecilia Asoro (25) that it has already begun. Her manager Filiz Koc – sister of reality TV star Yeliz Koc (29), took over Asoro’s account, as she explains in a story: “The time has come, Cecilia has been picked up, she has moved into the camp. My name is Filiz, I will take care of her account here in the meantime and will always bring you up to date and of course I hope that we can take wonderful pictures of get to see Cecilia.”

These are the celebrities

In addition to Cordalis and Asoro, these celebrities are also fighting for the jungle crown: Freshly announced as another candidate on Thursday was “embassy slut aD” Djamila Rowe (55). “Together with the eleven other stars, she is already on her way to the jungle camp!” confirms RTL.

Trash TV macho Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (23) is now allowed to participate after recovering from Corona, as reported by the broadcaster.

Also present are “DSDS” singer and “Checker vom Neckar” Cosimo Citiolo (41), YouTube star and influencer Jolina Mennen (30), radio presenter Verena Kerth (41), actress Jana Pallaske, designer and soccer star wife Claudia Effenberg (57), top model Papis Loveday (46), model and “GNTM” bitch Tessa Bergmeier, actor Martin Semmelrogge (67, “Das Boot”) and musician Markus Mörl (63).

The jungle camp starts on Friday

The jungle camp 2023 starts tomorrow, Friday, January 13, on RTL (and RTL +). For the first time, Sonja Zietlow (54) will moderate the popular reality show together with Jan Köppen (39) after Daniel Hartwich (44) said goodbye.


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