Judd Trump wins the Masters in London

Dhe lanky man with the high hairline was quick to make up his mind when the hall announcer at London’s Alexandra Palace asked his opinion on Monday night about the tournament winner. According to him, last week “a lot of people” had played better at the prestigious Masters, which is one of the three most important (“Triple Crown”) competitions in the sport of snooker. You could also see that in the final that just ended, in which the winner was “completely played out” by his opponent Mark Williams for long stretches. Amazingly, something was still enough to get the required ten frames (sentences) at the end.

Judd Trump is also honest when he talks about Judd Trump and his form curve. The 33-year-old billiards pro from Bristol didn’t seem really depressed in these actually celebratory moments, when tinsel was raining down from the hall ceiling. The improbable triumph over the well-behaved Mark Williams (10:8) was for him at the end of a hard day’s work “the best thing I’ve done so far”. Such a success weighs all the more heavily for him, the more surprising it comes about – namely in the middle of a performance dip, which the once bold exceptional talent knew how to compensate with work, tactical skill and an indomitable will to win.

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