Josuha Guilavogui’s chances at VfL Wolfsburg

EIt’s because of that wonderful accent. A disarming smile corresponds with that. In addition, there is his particularly empathetic nature. Josuha Guilavogui, as a midfielder a man for rough things, stands out as a fine spirit in the middle of the tough football business. “Sometimes,” said the savior of the day, “you have to leave something to know how good it is.” He meant the VfL Wolfsburgwhom he had left at his own request for six months.

Now Guilavogui is back with a goal in the Bundesliga, in the home game against Werder Bremen made another 2:2 possible. Guilavogui hardly ever scores goals. That’s not the only reason he cheered so exuberantly. “I’m very grateful to be here,” said the emotionally troubled Frenchman.

According to his calculations, Guilavogui has had six extremely difficult months. In reality there are at least twelve. His move to Girondins Bordeaux ended up falling to the bottom of the table and being relegated from the French elite league. “I lay in bed and cried,” admits the huge professional. At the age of 31, Guilavogui diagnosed himself as having experienced a small depression instead of a pleasant return to his home country.

Second chance?

Not being first choice at VfL Wolfsburg after eight successful years and then failing in Bordeaux can make even the toughest guy falter. Guilavogui needs encouragement, trust and harmony to do his job well. He works in the middle of an industry whose pressure to succeed leaves little room for the sensitive.

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