Joko and Klaas: Now they are back on Instagram

Joko and Klaas: Now they are back on Instagram

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Old accounts given away to Iranians: Joko and Klaas are back on Instagram with new accounts

TV entertainer: Old accounts given away to Iranian women: Joko and Klaas are back on Instagram with new accounts

In their “15 minutes of broadcasting time”, the two TV entertainers repeatedly address political and social issues. Most recently, they gave away their Instagram accounts to two Iranians – “forever”. But now they are back with new accounts.

It was a strong sign that two Iranian women helped to achieve enormous reach in Germany in one fell swoop: they resigned on October 26 Joko Winterscheid and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf announced live on television that their two Instagram accounts now belong to women’s rights activists Azam Jangravi and Sarah Ramani – “forever”.

Since then, the accounts have developed very positively: before the announcement, Joko and Klaas were followed by 1,050,000 and 730,000 people respectively. The day after it went up steeply: Joko’s account now has more than 1.4 million followers, Klaas’s has also exceeded the million mark – in both cases an account growth of more than 35 percent.

But many fans asked themselves after the show: Can you no longer follow the two TV stars on Instagram? Was the campaign also a permanent farewell to social media? Apparently, the two already had a plan in mind for this and have now started again from scratch with new accounts.

So far, Joko Winterscheid has only posted a single photo as “officiallyjokoturbo”, but has already reached more than 100,000 followers. Klaas Heufer-Umlauf is much more active on Instagram and has almost 93,000 followers as “damitdasklaasturbo”.

Joko Winterscheid: He is even looking for his own employee for Instagram & Co.

Joko in particular now seems to have even greater ambitions than with his old one accounts: He has now announced that he wants to hire his own part-time social media manager.

On LinkedIn he writes: “I am looking for a person who will professionally translate my world (both my TV activities and everything that goes with it, but also the world of my investments) on social media and my channels (Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn). , strategically and in terms of content and can supervise.”

Good signs, then, that the two TVstars continue to let her fans share her life on social media.

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