Johnny Depp and his lawyer: Probably not a serious relationship

Johnny Depp and his lawyer
Probably not a serious relationship

Is Johnny Depp in firm hands or not?

Is Johnny Depp in firm hands or not?

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Is Johnny Depp dating his lawyer? US media backtrack: Although they would date, it is not a serious relationship.

The rumors about the love life of Hollywood star Johnny Depp (59) have been circulating for months. Latest rumor: He is said to be in a relationship with one of his former lawyers and to be in safe hands. But US media are now rowing back – at least a little. For example, the celebrity portal “TMZ” reportsthat the liaison between Depp and the lawyer would probably not lead to anything serious. According to the report, this is mainly due to the actor, who currently does not want a real relationship.

The lawyer is said to have even left her family in Great Britain for two months to get closer douchebag to be, but an exclusive partnership does not exist. The 38-year-old has two children and a husband, from whom she separated a long time ago. While Depp was conducting the trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard in Virginia, the lawyer was by his side purely privately, not professionally – as initially suspected.


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