Joe Biden welcomes arrest warrant for Putin

Joe Biden welcomes arrest warrant for Putin

uS President Joe Biden has the International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrant for the Russian President Wladimir Putin referred to as justified. “I think that makes a very strong point,” Biden said after an event in Washington on Friday, according to reporters. Putin clearly committed war crimes, Biden said. However, the International Criminal Court is not recognized worldwide, “not even by us,” added the President.

Based in The Hague, The Netherlands ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin on Friday for war crimes in Ukraine. Investigators blame him for kidnapping children from occupied Ukrainian territory to Russian territory.

The ICC goes back to the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which was created through UN-led negotiations. In addition to Russia, the USA and China also do not recognize the court. Lawyers often cite the fact that these states want to protect their political leaders and soldiers from judicial access as the reason for this. In total, more than 120 countries have ratified the Rome Statute.

When asked whether Putin due to the arrest warrant of the ICC would be arrested if he traveled to the United States, the communications director of the National Security Council, John Kirby, expressed himself evasively on CNN on Friday evening (local time). In any case, he thinks it is unlikely that Putin will come.

Zelenskyj: “historic decision”

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has hailed the arrest warrant against Putin as a “historic decision” by the International Criminal Court. “The leader of a terrorist state and another Russian official are officially suspects in a war crime,” said Zelenskyy in a video message distributed in Kiev on Friday evening.

Thousands of Ukrainian children were illegally deported, Zelenskyy said. The Ukrainian authorities have registered at least 16,000 cases. “But the true total number of deportees could be much higher,” Zelenskyy said. Around 300 children have been brought back to the Ukraine.

Moscow denies war crimes and stresses that the children were brought to safety before the war – which in Russia can only be called a “military special operation”. Ukraine, on the other hand, accuses the Russian aggressor of forcibly “Russifying” the children. “It would be impossible to implement such a criminal operation without the orders of the supreme leader of the terrorist state,” said Zelenskyy. He has long complained that children are being robbed of their Ukrainian identity through re-education and indoctrination.

“Separating children from their families, depriving them of any possibility of contact with their loved ones, hiding them on Russian territory, distributing them to distant regions – all this is obviously Russian state policy, they are state decisions, it is state evil “, says Zelenskyy. The first man in the state is responsible, he said, without naming Putin.

Zelenskyj thanked the team around the chief prosecutor of the court in The Hague, Karim Khan, for the step that made it possible to punish the guilty. Ukraine, in turn, will do everything to bring back the kidnapped girls and boys, said Zelenskyj.

Russian troops invaded Ukraine 13 months ago on Putin’s orders. In the spring of 2014, Moscow had already annexed the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea and then supported separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Buschmann: “Important signal of determination”

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann also welcomed the arrest warrant against Kremlin boss Putin. “Anyone who, like Putin, instigated a bloody war should have to answer for it in court,” said the FDP politician to the editorial network Germany (RND) on Friday. “The best solution is if an indictment can be brought before the International Criminal Court. The arrest warrant for war crimes that has now been issued is an important signal of determination.”

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