Joe Biden warns of Donald Trump’s threat to democracy

EIt’s a bit like a time capsule opened when Joe Biden takes the mic in Philadelphia on Thursday night. It has been three years and three months since he spoke to thousands of Democrats in this city during the presidential campaign. That evening, several hundred invited guests listened to the American President in the courtyard of Independence Hall. His speech will be televised during prime time. The brick building behind Biden is lit up in the national colors of America, red, white and blue.

Sofia Dreisbach

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

At the time, Biden had said that if Americans wanted a divisive president who ruled “with a clenched fist and a hard heart,” then they didn’t need him. For that they would have donald trump. Biden promised Americans – “Democrats, Republicans and Independents” – at the time “another way.” One to reunite the country. At the time, quite a few Democrats accused him of being too forgiving with his political opponents. A lot has happened since then. Trump is still spreading the story of the “fake” 2020 presidential election to this day, his supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington in January 2021, and only recently has he again faced “political persecution” by the judiciary allegedly controlled by Biden after the FBI raid on his property complains.

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