Joan Didion’s estate from her New York apartment will be auctioned – culture

The estate of the brilliant writer Joan Didion is now being auctioned off in Upstate New York. A visit in advance, including the table where her husband died in 2003.


Christian Zaschke

So you’re standing in the exhibition of the estate of Joan Didion, who this Wednesday in Upstate new York being auctioned off and wondering who on earth would pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of sunglasses just because a novelist, reporter and screenwriter once wore them when a couple, a woman and a man in their 20s, approach the showcase. “Oh my god,” the woman exclaims, “how incredibly cool it would be to wear Joan Didion sunglasses.” You ask the couple politely if they would really pay $500 for an old pair of glasses and get a look that says they obviously don’t have all their knives in the cutlery drawer anymore and get the answer: “It’s a pair of JOAN DIDION glasses !”

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