Jeremy Renner can walk again after an accident with a snow plow

Jeremy Renner can walk again after an accident with a snow plow

After an accident with a snow plow
He’s doing better: Jeremy Renner posts a video of himself on the treadmill

Jeremy Renner shows up on the treadmill

Jeremy Renner trains on the treadmill

© Twitter / Jeremy Renner

After a serious accident at the beginning of the year, Jeremy Renner’s fans were very worried about him. Now the actor is sharing his progress on social media.

It was a shock right at the beginning of the year: actor Jeremy Renner was run over by his snowmobile, a six-tonne vehicle, on New Year’s Day while trying to help a motorist. The Accident he survived badly injured. He broke 30 bones. There has been much speculation about his health.

It was also unclear whether the 52-year-old could ever walk properly again. But now many fans on Twitter are relieved. posted there racer a video showing him training on the treadmill: “I now have to find other things to spend my time with so that my body can recover from my will,” Renner writes.

In the 15-second clip he can be seen with his trainer, they talk about Renner’s walking movement. It’s a special one treadmill, his legs only have to carry part of his weight at first. Renner wears a shirt, from the treadmill he can look outside at the blue sky and trees.

Jeremy Renner can walk again – thanks to a special treadmill

“Finally we can see you on your two feet. This is the best news since the terrible accident. What willpower,” writes a Twitter user under the post. Many others are also happy: “You are a fighter,” they say. Or, “I’m so happy to see your recovery.”

At the latest through the “Avengers” series, Jeremy Renner became a superstar. His role as Hawkeye was so successful that he even got his own offshoot of the Disney series.

But Renner can not only play action characters. He covers a wide spectrum in different genres: With the war drama “Hurt Locker” he became a Oscar nominated. In “The Town” he plays a small-town criminal.

Renner also includes indie productions in his portfolio, such as “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Thing” or the romance “Monkey Love”. In the past he has repeatedly demonstrated how versatile he is.

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