Jeffrey Epstein’s friend: Giuffre withdraws civil suit

Virginia Roberts Giuffre speaks during a news conference in August outside a courthouse in Manhattan, New York.
Image: Picture Alliance

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claimed she was molested by lawyer Alan Dershowitz on Epstein’s private island, has now claimed Dershowitz “mistaken up”.

Dhe friend of the late New York sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and former law professor Alan Dershowitz isn’t a rapist after all.

The American Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who has repeatedly claimed in recent years to have been abused by the lawyer, surprisingly withdrew the civil suit against him on Tuesday.

“I may have confused him”

“I have long thought I was passed from Jeffrey Epstein to Alan Dershowitz. I now realize that I may have mixed him up,” Roberts shared with Giuffre.

In a joint statement, Dershowitz and Epstein’s alleged victim also announced that no money had flowed between them.

In her lawsuit in a New York court, Roberts Giuffre previously stated that when Epstein was a “sex slave” between the ages of 17 and 18 about five or six times in Florida, New Mexico, new York and being molested by Dershowitz on a private island in the Caribbean. The former star lawyer had repeatedly rejected the allegations.

In addition to Dershowitz, the 39-year-old Californian had accused Prince Andrew, son of the late British Queen Elizabeth II, of forcing her to perform sexual acts on Epstein’s estate. After Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit, the royal paid her several million dollars last February.

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