Jan Köppen: This is his favorite in the jungle camp

Jan Koppen
This is his favorite in the jungle camp

The newcomer to the RTL tree house: Jan Köppen.

The newcomer to the RTL tree house: Jan Köppen.

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The new jungle camp moderator Jan Köppen names his early favorites for the throne.

Jan Köppen (39) mastered his first three programs as a new jungle camp moderator, in conversation with RTL he now draws his first summary: Which candidates did “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (also on RTL +) emerged as favorites? Which ones are on the brink?

Two German-Italian are Köppen’s favourites

The number one contender for the jungle throne is for the moderator Cosimo Citiolo (41). “Cosimo pulls through, he doesn’t break off”. During the exam on Sunday, which Cosimo had to complete with Tessa Bergmeier (33), the model wanted to cancel. But Cosimo convinced her to persevere. In the end it only got two stars. But perseverance struggled Koppen respect off. And the “Checker vom Neckar” is about respect when he takes part in the show, Köppen suspects.

The only one in the camp who could pose a threat to Cosimo is Gigi Birofio (23) for Köppen. Köppen was impressed by the relaxed way in which he accepted the revelation that his fellow candidate Jolina Mennen (30) was born as a boy. After all, Gigi, a permanent guest of the dating show, is considered a macho after participating in various formats. But the German-Italian could be too lazy for the throne, the moderator fears.

Jana and Tessa as wobbly candidates

Jan Köppen also names his favorites for an early selection. “I think she pisses off the viewers,” he says of Tessa. Her missionary campaigning for veganism annoyed at least the roommates. In your jungle exam on Saturday, Tessa slipped a few stars by being overly careful with crabs and roaches. That could be her undoing, Köppen speculates. Although she only has good things in mind.

Also at Jana “Primal power” Pallaske (43) doubts Köppen. The esoteric inspired actress first appeared to be floating above things, but finally crashed with Verena Kerth (41). Köppen: “Maybe there is another Jana”.


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