Jan Böhmermann: Dresdner Klinik says thank you after the call for donations

Dresden University Hospital
Jan Böhmermann collects hundreds of thousands of euros for the clinic: “We are enormously grateful”

Jan Böhmermann

In addition to the “ZDF Magazin Royale”, Jan Böhmermann also moderates the podcast “Fest und Flauschig” together with Olli Schulz.

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In his podcast, Jan Böhmermann solicited donations for the Dresden University Hospital. More than 300,000 euros were raised. This is now funding the position of an employee advisor.

It’s been almost exactly a year since Jan Böhmermann started a call for donations in his podcast “Fest und Flauschig”, which he runs together with the musician Olli Schulz. The moderator of the “ZDF Magazin Royale” encouraged the listeners to help the Dresden University Hospital – more precisely the employees.

In the Christmas episode of the podcast, Böhmermann and Schulz collected donations for various projects. The money that the listeners gave to the university clinic in the Saxon state capital was expressly intended to benefit the health workers, who were under heavy strain at the time due to the corona pandemic. A total of 317,500 euros was raised. Now it is clear how part of the money going to Dresden will be used.

Jan Böhmermann: Podcast donation finances position at the Dresden Clinic

A professional employee consultant started work this month, the said University Hospital With. After more than two years of the pandemic, the need for a holistic approach has increased. The adviser should offer psychological support for employees and their families and help “in the search for individual and tailor-made solutions to their worries and concerns”.

The position will be financed in the first few years with the money from the fundraiser by Böhmermann and Schulz, according to a statement from the university clinic. In Dresden there is great joy about this. “We are enormously grateful to Jan Böhmermann for this large donation and the associated enabling of this highly relevant position,” says Dr. Andreas Sperl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dresden University Medicine Foundation.

“In the more than two years of the pandemic, the employees have done an enormous amount and were faced with unprecedented stressful situations and challenges,” said Prof. Michael Albrecht, Medical Director of the Dresden University Hospital. “We notice that for some of the employees, problems arise from this time as well as from the current political situation and the sometimes new professional requirements – not only within the teams, but often in the private and family context.”

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