James Cameron: Sigourney Weaver raves about him

Sigourney Weaver raves about him

from "alien" until "avatar": James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver.

From “Alien” to “Avatar”: James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver.

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“Alien” star Sigourney Weaver was also present at the tribute to James Cameron on Hollywood Boulevard and gave a speech on the director.

JamesCameron (68) left his hand and footprints on Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday. At his side: Sigourney Weaver (73).

The director and actress worked together on the 1986 film “Aliens” and both “Avatar” films. For her role in the Alien movie, Weaver had her first Oscar-Received nomination.

Speech for Cameron

Weaver, who had appeared in a pale pink pantsuit, paused during the honor a speech about her longtime friend and colleague and his current film “Avatar – The Way of Water”. That kind of escape was what prompted her to become an actress, Weaver said. Photos show the two posing together for the cameras, and Cameron even kissed his actress on the cheek.

Along with Cameron, producer Jon Landau (62) was honored in front of the Chinese Theater. He produced the Cameron films “Titanic” and both parts of “Avatar”.

Cameron was also accompanied by his fifth wife Suzy Amis (61). The actress met the director during the casting for “Titanic” – she played Lizzy, the granddaughter of the older Rose, played by Gloria Stuart (1910-2010).


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