“It’s mainly up to you” – This is how the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag react to Scholz’s speech

“It’s mainly up to you” – This is how the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag react to Scholz’s speech

German Bundestag

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) made a government statement on the EU Council and the EU/ASEAN summit on Wednesday.

(Photo: dpa)

Berlin, Dusseldorf In his speech on Wednesday morning, the Chancellor reiterated scholz Germany’s solidarity with the Ukraine, accused Putin of “great power mania” and expressed skepticism about an EU gas price cap. This is how the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag react.

CDU party leader Friedrich Merz

“The more we help, the faster this war will be over.”

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Union: Merz wants tanks for Ukraine – CSU-Boss Dobrindt attacks Chancellor

Opposition leader Friedrich Merz is demanding that the federal government supply battle tanks and armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. “The more we help, the faster this war will be over,” said the Union faction leader in his reply to the Chancellor’s government statement.

Germany delivered important material after initial hesitation, but Ukraine still lacked main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers that the government could easily provide. Scholz hides behind the Nato-Partners, but this is misleading. “It’s mainly up to you,” said Merz.

CSURegional group leader Alexander Dobrindt has accused the traffic light coalition of increasingly isolating Germany in Europe. For example, Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in dispute with French President Emmanuel Macron, the Franco-German engine is sputtering. “You don’t build bridges, you tear them down,” Dobrindt accused Scholz.

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The CSU politician attested to the poor record of the entire government, especially Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD), in the announced strengthening of defense. Lambrecht organizes “instead of a turnaround in time wasting,” said Dobrindt.

Co-Chairman of the Greens

Katharina Dröge to the Union: “This is not a serious opposition policy.”

(Photo: IMAGO/Political Moments)

Greens: Opposition drive “campaigns”

The Greens parliamentary group leader Katharina Dröge has attacked the Union and accused her of populism. Dröge said the Union basically has no answers about the future of the country. “This is not serious opposition politics. the CDU once claimed to be a state-supporting party. At the moment you have withdrawn into an opposition to populism.”

Solidarity with Ukraine is also shown in dealing with refugees, said Dröge. The Union, however, repeatedly runs “campaigns” against refugees and speaks of “social tourism”.

FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr

“Mr. Orban, the grants to Ukraine are not poker chips in this game.”

(Photo: dpa)

FDP: Appeal to Hungary’s head of state Orban

Looking at the dispute with Hungary within the EU justified the FDP-Group leader Christian Durr the enforcement of rule of law principles.

Last week, the EU Commission recommended that corona aid and other funding for Hungary to be released only when the right-wing government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban Rule of law promise fully implemented. In total, it is about 13.3 billion euros.

Against this background, Hungary has initially blocked the decision on aid to Ukraine, which must be taken unanimously. A few days ago, however, Orban gave up his veto.

The introduction of the rule of law mechanism was a big step forward. FDPPolitician Dürr said to the Hungarian Prime Minister: “Mr. Orban, the financial aid for Ukraine are not poker chips in this game.”

Co-Chairman of the Left Group

Dietmar Bartsch to the government: “I only see a maximum of self-righteousness.”

(Photo: IMAGO/Political Moments)

Left: Federal government must correct its own course in Europe

Left parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch has criticized Germany’s role in the EU. He said on Wednesday that European solutions to inflation and the energy crisis were largely non-existent.

This also has to do with a lack of commitment from the federal government. “I only see a maximum of self-righteousness,” said Bartsch. The federal government should also correct its “complacency” in relation to Europe.

AfD Federal Chairman Tino Chrupalla

AfD criticizes Russia sanctions

Of the AfD-Chairman Tino Chrupalla announced an end to sanctions Russia required. Germany, as a country without raw materials and with high inflation, cannot afford to constantly issue economic sanctions in the name of so-called feminist foreign policy, he said, accusing the traffic light coalition of “ideological lessons for other nations and cultures”.

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