Italy - Meloni works on image - policy

Georgia Meloni, head of the post-fascist Fratelli d'Italia, has explicitly distanced herself from fascism for the first time. Decades ago, Italy's rights "handed him over to history" and condemned laws against the persecution of Jews, Meloni said in a video aimed at international media in English, French and Spanish. She has the prospect of leading the government after the elections in September. The fact that it poses a threat to the EU and democracy are absurdities inspired by the left, said Meloni. She does not intend to leave the EU. She made a similar statement to Fox News after US media also reported Meloni's connections to right-wing extremists. For many years, Meloni took a stance against the EU, advocating the primacy of national laws like Viktor Orbán and Poland's government. Their party logo features a stylized flame, which neo-fascists use to symbolize the spirit rising from the grave of dictator Mussolini.

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