Iserlohn: youth suspected of terrorism arrested

In Iserlohn has them federal prosecutor had a youth arrested on Thursday who was apparently on the verge of committing an Islamist-motivated attack. According to investigators, the 16-year-old German Kosovar Etrit P. was under the influence of a supporter of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IS), who distributed IS propaganda material via a messenger service and called for violent jihad.

Etrit P. had already had someone explain how to build an explosive device, but then feared that his attack plans could be thwarted. "That's why he decided to attack police officers with a knife," the federal prosecutor said in a statement. However, this did not happen because of the arrest.

P. had been known to the authorities for some time as a so-called threat and was under surveillance. The youth is said to have become radicalized within a few months. The case is reminiscent of various incidents from the past few years: At the beginning of 2016, the Salafist Safia S., just 15 years old, stabbed a federal police officer at Hanover Central Station. Just a few months later, two 16-year-old youths, radicalized by the notorious hate preacher Abu Walaa, exploded a self-made bomb in front of a Sikh temple in Essen.

Just last year, the case of 16-year-old Oday J. from Hagen showed how easy it is now to obtain instructions and material for building bombs using the Internet. He wanted to detonate an explosive device in front of the local synagogue, but was arrested in time after a tip from a foreign secret service. Oday J., who comes from Syria, was also briefed by a suspected IS member via chat.

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