Is there a kind of green RAF?

EEither we act now or it’s too late. That says the “last generation“. The members of this group believe it is necessary to “resist” so that the climate catastrophe is stopped and humanity is not annihilated. In a lecture they want to use to recruit fellow campaigners, they talk about a system that tells people unrealistic stories so that they remain calm and stay the course. But this course leads people to annihilation.

The government accuses the group of financing the sinking. A crude world view reminiscent of conspiracy theorists and extremists on the right and left.

The means of “resistance,” the “Last Generation” claims, are meant to be peaceful. Their members block roads. In Berlin, in Frankfurt, elsewhere. There were hundreds of blockades this year, and the demonstrators often stuck their hands to the asphalt. The self-declared goal: to become more and more, create an avalanche of resistance and save the world.

How to blow up a pipeline

But do you do that by blocking roads? The “last generation” caused a lot of resentment and a stir, for example because an ambulance didn’t make any progress because of them. But the alliance is far from mobilizing masses like it is Fridays for Future temporarily managed. It is a huge problem that the radical climate protectionists face: the majority does not join them. For the few activists, it must look like a herd of indifferent cattle trudging towards the slaughterhouse.

In this situation, parts of the climate movement are becoming more and more radical. Fridays for Future were mainly the nice students. The “last generation” is no longer that, but an aggressive disruptor in rush-hour traffic. The question is what comes next if this group has also failed with its “resistance form”.

Resistance: “Last generation” activist with hand taped in mid-July in Berlin

Resistance: “Last generation” activist with hand taped in mid-July in Berlin

Image: Andreas Pein

The influence of violent left-wing extremists in the climate movement is increasing. Activists have long been discussing violence – and what violence actually is. How far can and should one go to save the world and humanity? Create an eco-dictatorship? Destroy what is destroying the world? Luisa Neubauer, the German face of Fridays for Future, recently quipped online that they’re thinking about blowing up an oil pipeline. A bad eco-terrorist joke, but it shows how deeply such thoughts are already rooted in the movement.

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