Iris Mareike Steen: “GZSZ” star remains true to acting

Iris Mareike Steen: “GZSZ” star remains true to acting

Iris Mareike Steen
“GZSZ” star remains true to acting

Iris Mareike Steen has the single "baseless" released.

Iris Mareike Steen released the single “Haltlos”.

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Iris Mareike Steen has just released her first song. However, that does not mean that she suddenly turns her back on “GZSZ”.

The actress Iris Mareike Steen (31) is currently proving that she also has singing talent. The star from “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” has just released his first single “Haltlos”. In an interview with RTL, Steen tells how it came about – and that she doesn’t want to say goodbye to acting.

A colleague served as inspiration for Steen

“I’ve always loved to sing and sang a lot”, the actress explains to the broadcaster. Music has always been important in her family. “The idea of ​​really getting serious about music was inspired by my dear friend and colleague Linda Marlen Runge,” says Steen. The two made music together and Runge “believed in me so much that I continued […]”. She was also supported by many other people.

At the same time, the step towards music does not mean that Steen no longer wants to be in front of the camera in the future. “I think it’s wonderful to be able to combine both and I don’t want to have to do without either of these two passions,” says the 31-year-old. According to the broadcaster, she will also be involved in acting – and with it “GZSZ“- stay faithful.

Positive feedback from fans is a “huge gift” for Steen

“I feel like music gives me the opportunity to open up more and show more facets of myself than I might have without it,” Steen recently explained on Instagram. “Haltlos” offers an “insight into my life, which often seems to be characterized by good humor and lightness – and yes, it often is. But like many other people, I am often stressed and overwhelmed by my own structures and sometimes I wish I could just cancel everything and just see what would actually do me good.”

The fans, friends and celebrities like the first single. The actor and singer Tom Beck (44) commented about “Hammer!!!!!” with some emojis, actress Olivia Marei (32) wrote: “I’m so proud of you girlfriend!” In Steen thanks another contribution for the positive feedback. “Your messages are just overwhelming,” says the actress. “It’s a huge gift for me. And it’s really my absolute highlight in this turbulent year.”


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