Iran’s nuclear program: Vienna talks resume

Iran's nuclear program: Vienna talks resume

IIn Vienna, nuclear talks with Iran resumed on Thursday after a month-long hiatus. Initially, individual negotiators from Iran, Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and China met for bilateral talks. Coordination lies with the European Union, represented by its top diplomat, Enrique Mora.

Russian negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov said he met Mora on Thursday morning. “We exchanged our views on what steps need to be taken to restore the agreement,” Ulyanov tweeted. He also met with the Iranian negotiator Bagheri. The American negotiator Robert Malley also traveled to Vienna.

But it remains the case that the Iranians do not want to speak directly to the Americans since the United States, under former President Donald Trump, withdrew from the 2015 Nuclear Accord (JCPOA) and imposed sanctions. Since then, the Iranian side has also violated all the specifications and restrictions for its nuclear program and enriched uranium to just before it could be used for weapons. The current talks are about finding a way for all sides to once again comply with the provisions of the JCPOA.

A largely negotiated draft of a renewed agreement is on the table. But talks have stalled since March. The reason for this is the geopolitical framework since Russia invaded Ukraine. Now a new round has been heralded – what may be a last chance for a revival of the 2015 agreement.

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