iPhone 14 Pro: small leap or smartphone revolution?

iPhone 14 Pro
Small jump or smartphone revolution?

The most innovative new feature of the iPhone 14 Pro: The Dynamic Island in the upper display area.

The most innovative new feature of the iPhone 14 Pro: The Dynamic Island in the upper display area.


The new iPhone 14 and the high-end variant iPhone 14 Pro are here. Are the innovations from Apple useful and effective?

From Friday, September 16, 2022, they will be in Apple stores around the world: the new iPhone 14 and the high-end variant iPhone 14 Pro. The news agency spot on news had the opportunity to extensively test the new devices before they went on sale. Are the announced innovations useful and goal-oriented or window dressing due to a lack of innovation? And do you even need an iPhone 14 Pro or isn’t a regular iPhone enough?

The iPhone 14 Pro: all new or rehashed facelift?

If you hold the new iPhone 14 Pro in your hands for the first time, you will not notice much that is new. Same look, same feel, same weight. The three cameras on the back are basically identical, and the angular shape and general look are the same as the previous model. The news this year are in the details: The camera– and sensor cutout on the display side is no longer flush with the top edge. And the main camera on the back is different. But more on that later…

The Pro model is now available in four different colors: dark purple, gold, silver and space black. The present silver-colored iPhone 14 Pro is, as usual, of extremely high quality and does not offer any criticism of the workmanship. The model is again available in the conventional 6.1 or 6.7-inch version, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The devices range in price between 1,299 euros for the iPhone 14 Pro with 128 gigabytes of storage space and the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a terabyte of storage volume for a whopping 2,099 euros. As always: If you are looking for inexpensive cell phones, you should not necessarily consider the latest iPhone generations.

The biggest innovation in operation is the introduced Dynamic Island, the aforementioned cut-out at the top edge of the smartphone. This is shared with the help of adapted software for the Pro versions. This means a kind of new control panel with which you can use numerous functions such as Apple Pay, AirDrop, CarKey or shortcuts. Numerous audio apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music or YouTube Music can already be operated via the Dynamic Island.

The dynamic island also informs the user about current activities. Apple is once again taking the path of innovation and implementing a creative new control panel. In the future, this clever solution could be even more important than it is now, if app manufacturers design useful applications for it. Certainly an exciting playing field for future iPhone generations.

Always-on screen is introduced

Android users have known this feature for a long time, and now Apple is following suit: the so-called always-on screen is here. Means: The user always sees all desired information on the lock screen. Tapping to read the time or breaking news is no longer necessary. You can also customize the lock screen with the new iOS 16. In the first test, setting up was very intuitive. The option of setting up multiple lock screens and switching between them depending on the occasion is also easy to use. In this way, the new iPhone 14 Pro creates more space for individuality, which the other person can also perceive when the screen is locked.

Brighter screen again, better camera again

Even if there was hardly anything wrong with the extremely sharp displays in the previous models, Apple is once again taking a step forward. The Super Retina XDR display now achieves a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, twice as bright as before. The same applies to the camera: the main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro now comes with 48 megapixels and a new quad-pixel sensor. Means: a four times higher resolution. In the first shooting tests, this new feature is hardly noticeable in portrait photos. However, the new hardware really hits the spot when it comes to panorama shots. Zooming in on the details of the photo is possible to an extent that was previously unthinkable on a smartphone.

All this is made possible by the new A16 Bionic chip from Apple, which has so far been used exclusively in the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Do you need the Pro right away or is the normal iPhone 14 enough?

The main focus of the innovations in the current iPhone 14 generation was obviously clearly on the Pro version. The 14 dispenses with the innovation of Dynamic Island, “only” has a 12 MP main camera and got the older A15 chip implanted. Despite all this, the iPhone 14 is also a top-class smartphone and can be purchased from as little as 999 euros. But beware: Apple did without a mini version this year. There is now a larger version, the iPhone 14 Plus, in addition to the 6.1-inch version.

One could say: The iPhone 14 is (apart from one camera less and smaller details) similar to the high-end version of the previous model, the iPhone 13 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro is the real innovation on the market with some really innovative (software-)-Innovations plus a beefed up new camera and a faster chip. So if you want to ride the latest wave of smartphone development, you can’t avoid a Pro. You have to dig deep into your pocket for that…

For a conventional user who wants quality but doesn’t want to reach for the very top shelf, the iPhone 14 is perfectly adequate. Nevertheless: The difference in performance between Pro and Normal has definitely increased a bit this year.


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